Date: Apr 4, 2008 8:29 PM
Subject: Hillsborough County Deputy and Kids Loose Everything in Fire
Body: Ok folks I am getting a great response from everyone on little Sean Covias and his fight with Lukemia., but as they say when it rains it pours. Myself and the Code Blues Band will be doing a Benefit at O'Brien's in Plant City on April 26th. There will be several bands, raffles, 50/50's and auction items but we need your help now. Please read the following. If you can help please do. If you do not want to contact Cpl. Lewis at the office you can contact me 247-8888

Thank You in Advance
Sleepy Mike

Deputy Ray Rembert's home, his pet poodle and all his belongings were destroyed in a house fire last night. Thankfully neither Deputy Rembert nor his four children were injured.

Deputy Rembert is a School Resource Officer, currently assigned to Ben Hill Middle School, Tampa, within the District III area.

Obviously Deputy Rembert is going to need our assistance in whatever we can do to help this family

Deputy Rembert has four children, three sons aged 15, 13 and 11 years, respectively and one daughter, aged 12 years.

Anyone wishing to help our HCSO family member, Ray, should contact
Corporal Steve Lewis, Department of Investigative Services, S.O.C., who will also assist in coordinating any endeavor of assistance. Corporal Lewis can be reached at 247-8272 or via email at

Additional information:

Sizes for the Rembert children are as follows:

15 year old boy: Adult extra large shirts/36 x 34 pants/size 15 - 16 shoe

13 year old boy.

Adult extra large shirts/38 x 30 pants/size 12 shoe

11 year old boy.

Small adult shirt/size 16 pants/size 10 1/2 shoe

12 year old girl. Adult large shirt/size 10 shoe.

Pants size unknown at this time

Deputy Rembert's measurements are: 34 x 30 pants/large shirts/size 11 1/2 shoes

The above-mentioned items are urgently required by this family, but in the future, household furniture and appliances may be requested

Please keep Deputy Rembert in your thoughts and prayers and thank you in anticipation for any assistance rendered

Added note Deputy Rembert is a single parent raising his 4 kids. So once again if you can help please do.

Thanks again

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