LPSO falling apart
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    LPSO falling apart

    Is it true that the LPSO is falling apart since the college professor has taken over. Maybe it time to get a police union. Don't be intimidated by any of the cronies telling you its an "at work" state. The FLSA and other laws protect you. If a majority of the eployees want a union, then it will happen.

    Put the Sheriff in his place and either file a class action law suit or get a union.

    What will the union get you:

    On call pay
    uniform and clothing allowances
    proper raises
    step-program to retain employees
    paid overtime at time and a half instead of the 171 scam
    fair and equal promotional processes
    No transfers without cause
    negotiated/bargaining for medical and health benefits

    Go to the pbcpba.com and view other police contracts and educate yourself and fight for your rights under the FLSA and state laws. The agency can only get away with something until someone says "no more."

    Finally begin the process to get the Lafayette Sheriff booted to the unemployment line next election. Whenever he or his inner circel commit a violation put it on this site.

    Ask about the pictures of the inmates playing on the SWAT trucks without supervision.

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    So what's so bad about the Lafayette Sheriff? I hear all the ctizens like him or is he just fudging numbers and bs'ing the citizens. I heard he was a college professor; what in the worl were the citizens thinking, did they have the election half way into Mardi Gras when everyone was sauced? From the stories I am hearing, this guy is a goof?

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    The state legistature should pass a law that allows for union representation for all law enforcement in Louisiana. It should also pass protections for the "vesting" of time after 6-8 years of service. If a Sheriff can routinely fire whoever and whenever they want to, then it breeds corruption. The police protect the public and to have their jobs threatened because they won't dig a hole for political signs or play nepotism or politics is against fundamental democracy. If the public clearly understood that hiring and firing without cause to police actually breeds corruption and leads to intimidation, then the law would change. Maybe this is why everyone thinks Louisiana is behind in the times and still living in the past. Every Sheriff's Department should get union representation and better serve the public.

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    Why doesn't anyone from LPSO post here? Don't they know the IP addresses are kept confidential. The sheriff must have his boot on everyone's neck in Lafayette.

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    Re: LPSO falling apart

    I would think more along the lines of a Police Union like the Fraternal Order of Police. Try Googling FOP in LA.

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    Re: LPSO falling apart

    What would happen if the public found out that a certain high ranking official took their kids personally owned vehicles to the LPSO motor pool for vehicle maintenance at the expense of the tax payer?

    What would happen if the public discovered that corrections bid contracts were not being bided out and some were being funneled to good ole boys instead of being posted for bidding?

    There is a reason a person has to go to church every day. They re hiding something or feeling a lot of guilt.

    What ever happened to those rumors about the Fed s investigating the LPSO chief financial officer about misappropriation of tax dollars?


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