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    Mia-Dade County's 22 Offender does it again

    The guy involved in a controversy take down in jail again, for the same thing.....
    http://egvsys.metro-dade.com:1608/wwwse ... _NAME=soto &F_NAME=alexander &M_NAME= &INITIME=1055&NAME=SOTO, ANGEL A &IMTLOC=PTDC &ALPHA=10248856&GAMMA=6&DELTA=599543

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    Driver Of Wild Police Chase Caught Twice
    ACLU Questions Alleged Chase Takedown MIAMI (CBS4) ?
    A familiar face is in trouble with police again. 36-year-old Angel Soto was arrested Sunday morning for the second time, this month on several charges, including eluding police.
    Soto is no stranger to being on the run. He was involved in a wild chase earlier this month, which caused quite the controversy for the Miami-Dade Police Department.
    Two officers have since been relieved of their duties for their actions while taking Soto into custody.
    Police said it all started on a wild high speed chase through the streets of Miami Dade came to a crashing end in a parking lot near Miami International Airport, but the suspectÂ*was not who police thought.Â*

    According to police, there was a report ofÂ*an armed robbery suspect who jumped into a gold-colored Volvo station wagon at 3328 NW 29th Street then jumped into and sped off. He had allegedly robbed a lunch truck operator, robbing him of $60.

    Officers spotted the vehicle, went after him, pursuing him at high-speeds along 836 and surrounding roadway.Â*Police say 36-year-old Angel SotoÂ*weaved his way in and out of traffic, almost hitting pedestrians, a gas tanker and a retaining wall along the way. Police say he also tried to ram two police cars.

    At times during this chase, officers were practically bumper to bumper with the suspect, and then at other times they backed off.

    Finally, the suspect exited the Dolphin Expressway and sped up Perimeter Road, next to Miami International Airport.
    He turned again at 25th Street where his road ran out in a Customs warehouse area. After the driver skidded over a median between two police over a median and having nowhere else to go, the suspect slammed into a traffic barrier.Â*SotoÂ*then took off of foot and tried to outrun police but they caught up to him as he jumped spread eagle into some bushes. He surrendered after at least six officers jumped on top of him.Â* Video of the capture shows several officers punching and kicking Soto as he was pinned to the ground.Â* TwoÂ*of the officers involved in the take down have been suspended with pay while they are investigated for inappropriate use of force during Soto's arrest.

    But when the chase was over, police realized Soto was not the person they were looking for.Â* The suspects wanted in the lunch truck robbery were described as three males and a female who was driving the getaway car.

    One eyewitness said "They took $60 from the lunch truck. They pointed a gun at me and told me to turn around."

    Soto, who did have a warrant out for his arrest, was charged withÂ*cocaine possession, driving with a suspended license, driving with an expired license, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, fleeing and eluding police and 2 counts of battery on a police officer.

    He was booked into the Miami Dade jail and released late on a $23-thousand bond.
    (© MMVII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Angel Soto was charged with leading police on a high speed chase near Miami International Airport.

    Driver of this cream-colored station wagon leads Miami-Dade police on a chase

    At one point, it appeared the suspect was cornered but he simply swerved around the patrol cars and drove over a median to avoid capture

    After running out of road, the suspect bailed out and was quickly captured

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    http://egvsys.metro-dade.com:1608/wwwse ... _NAME=soto &F_NAME=alexander &M_NAME= &INITIME=1055&NAME=SOTO, ANGEL A &IMTLOC=PTDC &ALPHA=10248856&GAMMA=6&DELTA=599543

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    http://egvsys.metro-dade.com:1608/wwwse ... _NAME=soto &F_NAME=alexander &M_NAME= &INITIME=1055&NAME=SOTO, ANGEL A &IMTLOC=PTDC &ALPHA=10248856&GAMMA=6&DELTA=599543

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    What a piece of mierda this guy is. Hopefully the next judge he has to face will be made aware of his blatant disregard of our laws. This guy needs to sit in jail for a long long time. He should have been at home plucking his fat wife's mustache instead of running from the cops.

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    Soto's wife was 39 in Hialeah in a 22 over the weekand , She also had a crack pipe on her... Where is media attention on this??

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkrfl
    Soto's wife was 39 in Hialeah in a 22 over the weekand , She also had a crack pipe on her... Where is media attention on this??
    Call every single news station and make them aware of this. See if you can get case numbers. They would cover this. They probably don't know about it.

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    Got em

    Got da case number and reppin it to da station.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Got da case number and reppin it to da station.
    What? Please translate.

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