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    Whats the rumor regarding uniforms and marked vehicles, Im retiring soon and looking around for a second career. Thanks in advance.

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    That's a tough one. I don't know if you can get a good answer. I would say the expense alone will put an end to both the marked cars and the uniform.
    Let's add up the extra $$$$ spent on the cars -
    cage - 300
    state of the art blue/red led lights/side lights/smart siren and amber arrow stick - 2,000+
    fancy 3M striping and logo - 500
    you are looking at 2,800 more spent on the car alone.
    Now add the cost of the police undercover package and you have a huge waste of money.

    Now lets talk about the uniform - I don't know of anyone outside of Tallahassee that has even worn it -
    5.11 long sleeve - 50
    5.11 short sleeve - 50
    5.11 pants - 50
    tie - 10
    fancy fhp style shiny shoes - 50
    fancy fhp style gun belt set - 200
    fancy fhp style hat - 50
    fancy hat box to protect the fancy hat - 50
    new badge, hat badge, collar brass, name plate, etc - 125

    Of course all costs are only estimates but you are looking at alot of money for something that is unecessary. Everyone has a budget issue now, and I don't know how the agency could justify the costs, but who knows?

    When I came on we had a department head that wanted to save money so we were driving Pintos and Chevettes. There is nothing that can match the look on a perps face when you pull up in a Pinto with a bubble gum light stuck to the top. So I guess things are not that bad. The new police package Impala does have a dynomite CD system, but the cage does interfere with the bass from the rear speakers. I ain't complainin!!!!!

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    I think every administration has had to deal with the aftermath of decisions made by others. Police package cars are relatively new to ABT. I think the "central office" has gone out of their way to keep us in police type vehicles, when it would be very easy to say we don't need "police cars." I have worn my "fancy go to meetin'" uniform and I must admit I looked good. I posed for many pictures and may even use one for my Christmas card this year. I see some advantages to the uniform.
    I can recall many folks in this agency saying they wanted a special use uniform, and now we have one. The cars have their purpose too, but I agree it may be more and more difficult to do because of the money crunch. I would not be sad if we had to give up the cars and or the uniforms, but it would be sad to loose people, and I think that could always happen. The cars have opened the door for some off duty work we would not have normally had. The fact that we even have take home cars still amazes me, and I certainly appreciate it. There is a whole generation of agents that never experienced the embarassment of driving a Pinto, Fairmont, Citation, Chevette or K car, but they certainly complained about their police package Impala not having carpet. There were times when we shared cars. I remember borrowing a clunker u/c car from a S.O. Yea I know Uncle Buck is living in the past, but sometimes I think we don't really appreciate the benefit of looking back. I for one don't want to go there again.

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    Does it seem as though we are getting a new administration yet again? I hear someone high up is leaving - any truth to the rumor the Director is going soon?

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    No need to panic. The helm will be passed to a new crew on or about October 1.

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    WOW - they lasted less than 2 years - wonder who is next...maybe some much needed change is upon us - all we can do is hope!

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    Yep, less then 2 years they last. Tally staff was suppose to have been notified last friday that the director and chief will be leaving October 1, 2007. Maybe this new team will come in and move the agency forward, the way it should be. All other supervisors seem to move along with what the director and chief wants, I guess they must since they would be gone if they did not. Can we say: Castro gone for not following orders, Garzon gone for not following directions and the director and chief wanted someone from Orange county to get the position, Lanza and Sauls gone becasue the director and chief didnt like them, Cave moved because he pissed off the director and chief, Herrera pushed out, Myers gone because the director wanted someone else. Need I go on with the names of casulties????? Yea, only two years, but so much damage. How long will it take us to recover form the mismanagement from the Hougland/Beckley run?????

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    Let's hope that things change for the better. This mass exit of good people is getting silly. Except for the ones that need to go, for them it isn't soon enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guestabt
    Let's hope that things change for the better. This mass exit of good people is getting silly. Except for the ones that need to go, for them it isn't soon enough.
    Are you referring to our lazy agents?

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    I applied with your agency several years ago, I took a test and was interviewed in Margate and was printed in the Miami office. My background check was completed I believe. I never heard anything else. Could someone please direct me on how to find out what happened. Never got a call or letter , my background in clean and I have 26 yrs of L/E experience and currently is working. Thanks in advance.

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