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    Impeach Jenne now.
    We can not forget what this man has done to Broward county and the tax payers and citizens of Broward county. As this investigation goes on we have learned that the Sheriff
    Ken Jenne and the Broward Sheriff Office willfully conspired to deprive
    the citizens of Broward county of our consitutional rights. A clear violation of the police misconduct STSS TITLE VI AND THE COLOR OF LAW.
    The Broward sheriff willfully conspired and deprived the tax payers
    of Broward county of our constitutional rights, by using their powers and intentionally fabrication of evidence resulting in the loss of our security. The Broward Sheriff Office is engaged in a pattern and practice of misconduct that deprives Broward county tax payers, rights that are supposed to protect the citizens ,called the consititution and the laws of this great country called the United States of America . The Broward Sheriff Office is in direct criminal
    predicate of offical misconduct.
    1.Falsification of offcial records
    2. Causing offical records to be falsified by public employees.
    District personnel are being intimidated by command staff members to make real crime that ,had happened go away, and them look like no crimes.
    1. Reclassify crimes that had accused real crimes.
    2. We know that there power track sessions they were pressured to lower crimes by making them go away.
    3. The Broward Sheriff Office has a clearance rate that is way out of whack.
    4. The Shefiff acts as though they don't breif him.
    Crime Down Grading
    1. Crime down grading is when a legitimate crime is categorized as something non criminal or something that doesn't get reported to the FBI UCR program.
    2. Crime down grading makes it appear that less crime is occurring than what is actualy is .
    Execeptional Clearances
    Is one or two ways of saying that a crime has been solved or cleared by arrest or by exception .
    The Sheriff of Broward County Mr.Kenneth Jenne
    1. Willfully Violates Florida's Police Bill of rights and Browards Oridences 18-6.
    2. Dose not complies with the Sunshine Law.
    3. Jenne required his deputies to falsify crime downgrades and exceptional clearances .
    4. Jenne used falsified crime stats to sell his services to more than dozens Broward cities.
    5. Missing Miranda words that kead to release of murders.
    6. Jenne punished those who exposed his corruption, while rewarding those who kept there mouths shut.
    7. Jenne paid BSO Chief's 5% bonuses for posting good crime stats.
    8. Jenne paid his best freind over 30 years Tom Panza 1.2 million to investigate 10,000 exceptional clearances, he claims he found no wrong doings?
    9. Jenne covered up the investigations of the falsified crime downgrading accusation made by Sgt Shawn Enser District#5.
    10. Jenne Purged investigators from internal affairs who publicly exposed the coverups.
    11. Jenne replaced them with men who have been allleged to be guilty of the very thing that this agency was being investigated for, they are policing their selves.
    12. BSO has 15 district every district posted huge deceases in crime cleared by exception in 2004.
    13. Jenne has engaaged in acts of corruption cover ups , public deception and seapoating. I can't take a hit in my zone at any cost ,coercive apporach to deputies from their supervisors: they feel they have to get rid of the crime instead of working it properly.
    Superviors got promoted while the ones who don't do all the falsified crime down grade got poor performances evaluations.
    District Chiefs got cash bonuses for posting good crime stats. This is a complicity of supervisiors in the criminal investigation Unit and District Cheifs. We have not for gotten your diry deeds Ken Jenne and hopefult the feds will not either. Lets not forget the Sheriffs Jail Union is ran by known Felon Walter Browne.

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    impeach jenne


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    Who comes up with this??

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    This is Gary crap bullshit he has no life he waits for Gilbert to come bring him soup and stroke his head and say you're such a good writer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Who comes up with this??
    Who the he|| cares?? And who digs up -and comments on- a post that's TWELVE years old?!?

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