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    Re: redners daughter

    Quote Originally Posted by voice of truth
    There is no political motivation to the arrest of redners daughter. She is a known prostitute who has been arrested for this many times. The charges have included Criminal Transmission of HIV and a long list of others. Just go to HCSO and look at there website under reyline redner.
    It is surprising that the press has never questioned him on this. Maybe they need help so I'll ask, "joe, how are you going to help run the city when you have done such a lousy job with your kids? Did your daughter get to be a crack smoking, HIV transmitting, prostitute because you started her out as a dancer in your clubs? Did you turn gay (your admission) before or after you sired this winner? Come on channel 8, please ask him this in an interview instead of trying to embarass cops for BS. If you also noticed that I do not use caps for redners name it is because there is no measure of respect for him that I could muster.
    You might want to read the report before you post away. The daughter that went t-15 in Ybor is a different one then the one speak of.

    I know plenty of cops that have raised bad kids. I even have went t-15 with a few.

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    redners relatives

    hey im ex tpd, i have one of my four kids ive totally given up on , from cocaine addiction, but that shouldnt reflect on my parenting skills, and would hope no one would judge me on this one kid.

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    My opinion

    I would never give up on any kids of mine.
    You just don't.
    Family sticks together.
    Just like you are supposed to take care of the TPD family..
    Everyone makes mistakes and as long as that person tries to correct their problems instead of acting like an arse, I believe in forgiveness.
    I dont know anyone here who is perfect.
    You just dont throw your family away.

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    redners kid

    Ok, listen up. I see that I have attracted the the special ed crowd so I will go slow for you. I never said redner should quit on (loving, caring for, helping) his daughters. In fact it is clear that he himself gave up on them by introducing them to stripping and prostitution. I know that some of you claim to be cops who have also experienced problems raising children. Doctors and lawyers also experience similar problems as well. The difference is that redners kids never had a chance and yours did. And lastly, to the person who pointed out that I was speaking of the wrong daughter, I ask you, " Does it matter?" You choose a child of his and you will see that they have all ended up down the same road. The point still is that he is not a qualified parent, or community leader. He is a child who lies with every breath he can muster. I will be laughing at Tampa, as will the rest of the world if he is elected to any position of standing in this community. Have a nice day. P.S. to all the dancers that want to send me hate mail please don't, just send photos.

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    Joe Redners daughter

    The daughter that went back to get a badge number was going to make a complaint on the officers. Why didn't they just give her the badge number and their names? I think there was an offense that occurred and the officers didn't do their jobs and originate a report. This does happen in ybor city, it keeps the crime rate down. God forbid they originate a report. This lady only touched one of the officers, felony battery, thats a joke. The state attorneys office is laughing. We get embarrased again over something stupid.

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    Hey visitor, if you are so embarassed, I'm sure there are plenty other agencies that you can go to that you wont be embarassed about. Plenty of places that want to hire you I'm sure

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    hey visitor................

    If you look at the HCSO arrests for the 03/17-03/18 dates, you will see that it appears that her husband/boyfriend (last name Maida) was arrested the same night as her for obstruction. My guess is that she showed her AS* trying to defend her intoxicated partner and shoved a cop in the process. As far as the SAO laughing, your probably right, the current SAO staff thinks that all Battery LEO'S are a joke............thats why the bond is so low and why so many cops get injured in this line of work.....................YOU SHOULD WEAR OUR SHOES SOMETIME BEFORE YOU ACT SOOOOOO TOUGH BEHIND YOUR POSTS!

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    Re: Redner's daughter arrested?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bo-Zo
    Ok so who is the bozo who decided to go and arrest Redner's Daughter down in Ybor?
    Im sure that wasnt like totally motivated by the up and coming elections. I never heard the full story on it, just that some officer was 'battered' by his daughter trying to get a badge number.
    Any one else hear about this?
    Buddy, if you find it suprising that anybody with the last name of "Redner" gets arrested then you need to get out more often. This guy has thumbed his nose at authority for 20-plus years....you think the fruit of his loins would be any different???

    Yeah I'm sure after watching her dad burn Bibles on TV and turn her sister into a drug-addicted prostitute/nude dancer with AIDS, that she's gonna be an upstanding citizen!!

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    Crazy is as crazy does....
    Quite the examples we've shown here. I believe there are cops on our department who have done similar things, yet they have been promoted. Our society is so F%*$*NG hypocritical. How about the poster that pre-flames dancers, but chooses photos over mail. joke or not, c'mon...

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    redners kin

    i think the officer were being racist

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