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    I've heard some good things about HPPD and, despite being my home town, I thought about applying with your agency. What is the current pension rate for retirement and what are the medical benefit options? Also, what are the specifics on the take-home program.

    If I do not apply her, can anyone tell me about working for the Guilfrod County Sheriff's Office?

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    i'm looking also. how is the oak ridge subdivision? quiet? nice?

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    Hey Guys I'm a Police Officer from Miami PD. I have a townhome in High Point just off of Eastchester and Hickswood road. I love it there I'm planning to move there after retierment or sooner.

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    Oak Ridge is a Town, not a subdivision. It's a nice quiet town for the most part in the northwest area of the county. It's got it's share of crime but nowhere near Greensboro or High Point. The main problem with the Oak Ridge/Summerfield/Stokesdale Area is NC 68, which is the main road leading south to western Greensboro and High Point. The highway is a two-lane road until you get close to Greensboro so needless to say during rush hour that road is a nightmare.
    If you don't work banker's hours or drive your kids to school it's not much of a problem. The Sheriff's Office does a great job in their response time too.

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    High Point is an excellent place to work. The benefits are pretty basic across the state. There are different retirement plans that can be chosen, the main one being a 401k with employer contribution. There are several options available for health insurance.

    Oak Ridge is a nice community but the traffic in and out is terrible. Randolph county and Davidson county areas are popular places of residence for HPPD employees. Taxes are lower and both counties border High Point. School systems are much better than Guilford County as well.

    The Chief at High Point is a real cop. He does what is right, even if it isn't popular. The work environment is family-like. They might fight amongst themselves ocassionally but don't let anyone else throw a punch! Just like family, lol :lol:

    The take home cars are only for in-city residence unless you are on a special unit, such as K-9, SWAT, etc. However, each officer has their own car so there is no "hot-seating".


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