WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Taking America’s Guns - View Poll Results

Poll Results

View Poll Results: What would you do if ordered to seize firearms from law abiding citizens?

  • I am an active/reserve/auxillary Law Enforcement Officer

    34 53.97%
  • I am active/reserve military personnel

    10 15.87%
  • I would follow orders, searching for and confiscating all firearms

    1 1.59%
  • I would only search for and confiscate firearms on a case-by-case basis

    2 3.17%
  • I would "go through the motions" to appease my supervisors, but I would not seize any firearms

    12 19.05%
  • I would openly refuse to search for or to confiscate any firearms

    40 63.49%
  • I do not have an appropriate response to select from the list of options

    2 3.17%
  • I need more information before making up my mind

    4 6.35%
  • I do not know what I would do

    4 6.35%
Multiple Choice Poll.