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  • 05-21-2019, 08:33 PM
    Wow, a lot of media outlets picked up on this story:


    Sun Herald:
    Sarasota Sheriff's major disciplined for belligerence at ball game

    Sarasota sheriff's office suspends high ranking major for drunk and belligerent behavior

    Major with Sarasota County Sheriff's Office suspended for "conduct unbecoming"

    WENG Radio:
    Sarasota Co. Sheriffs Major Faces Suspension After Altercation
  • 05-20-2019, 06:20 PM

    Online audio recordings of ALL the witnesses

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    How come Ivings name is on the witness list ? He there watching the game? Same with Perz
    Can someone who is tech savvy post online audio recordings of all the witnesses? Hearing is believing. Doh!

    • There is a scripture that says: "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word (Romans 10:17)."
    • There is a similar LEO saying: "In God we trust. All others we investigate."
    • Here is the SSO translation: "Public knowledge comes by hearing IA's audio-recordings of Paul Richard AND witnesses."

    The audio recordings are destroyed by state law after how much time elapses?
  • 05-20-2019, 11:06 AM
    The major takes a drunken golf trip with his friends at the sheriffs office to serve his suspension given to him by the Sheriff. Maybe the major needs to spend some time in the “Recovery Pod” at the Sarasota County Jail, attending dailey AA meetings?
  • 05-20-2019, 01:37 AM
    How come Ivings name is on the witness list ? He there watching the game? Same with Perz
  • 05-19-2019, 02:43 PM
    This investigation was very limited in scope for a reason. After reading that IA investigation it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. A lot of witnesses that were there should’ve been interviewed and we’re not in violation of state statute. Someone needs to pull the audio tapes of every witness to learn what really happened. Remember any three disciplinary standard violations within two years could result in
    potential termination.

    Could the major have been terminated?
  • 05-18-2019, 08:20 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    We use to call him Knightmare on Ringling blvd since you guys move what do you call Knightmare on what street. Sign Shug Knights homies !!
    3rd floor knightmare
  • 05-18-2019, 07:02 PM

    Shug Knight

    We use to call him Knightmare on Ringling blvd since you guys move what do you call Knightmare on what street. Sign Shug Knights homies !!
  • 05-17-2019, 01:01 PM

    From experience

    Civilian employees get the BOOT for doing a lot less. If a civilian speaks up about upper Brass, a case is built and eventually they find a reason to get rid of them. Each level is afraid if the level about finds out anything bad, they will not look bad in Knightmares they are not supervising properly. Firing civilians get fired often for speaking bad of the Brass.
  • 05-17-2019, 10:36 AM
    One thing is clear here, no matter what admin does they are protected. If a road deputy acted this way I can only imagine how bad it would be. This Major apparently has a really bad history, it may be time for the public to demand action.
  • 05-16-2019, 09:49 PM
    This is from the comments section at the bottom of the H-T article:

    Quote Originally Posted by David Guinart
    Major Paul Richard reportedly drank four 16 oz beers during the course of the three-hour game, so the highest his blood alcohol could have risen to would have been a BAC of .089. Even assuming the reports were overblown, there’s no way he would’ve gotten [drunk] like that at a .089 BAC, especially with a hardened tolerance for alcohol at his age. Obviously, the guy pre-gamed [his drinking].

    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Munoz
    Tolerance does not affect BAC. The blood alcohol content would have been close to .11 just on the four beers alone (nearly a six-pack). He drank them over six innings or about two hours. It would have taken about 6.5 hours (estimated weight of 180) for him to become completely sober. In people with a high tolerance, it takes more alcohol to produce the outward signs of intoxication. It takes 30 to 60 minutes, after you stop drinking, for your BAC to reach its highest concentration.
    Even non-LEOs understand the outward signs of "drunk and disorderly conduct."

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Alcohol makes people do things that they ordinarily would NOT do. It changes behavior, generally for the worse. It makes people less accountable for their actions. If you want to keep drinking, then that's your business. But if you want to stop drinking, then it's our business.
    Anonymity can be a good thing.
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