View Full Version : Fred Myers

01-20-2007, 06:19 AM
Is Fred still with Northport, great guy!

01-23-2007, 01:49 PM
Fred will hopefully be one our next sergeants. He's a great guy and would make a super sergeant! I'm sure he is missed by his old agency on the East coast!

01-29-2007, 10:21 PM
is melanie still there she is great also

06-09-2016, 12:23 AM
1. Activity Segments:
 Billing invoices for Act 312 and Fact Finding case assignments are divided into three activity segments— Pre-Hearing Activity, Hearing Activity and Post-Hearing Activity.
 Each activity segment must contain a brief description of the duties/tasks performed along with dates, amount of time (hours/minutes) including start and end times. Travel time should be listed in a similar manner under the respective activity segment, where applicable.
2. Billing Rate:
$130 per hour, subject to the following limits. Variances must be pre-approved by the Bureau Director.
 Daily Maximum Paid: $910 (including any travel time).
 Hearing Time Paid: Up to 14 hours (excl. travel time).
 Post-Hearing Activity: Up to 2 hours allowed per 1 hour of Hearing (excluding any travel time).
3. Lodging, Mileage, Meals & Other Expense Reimbursements:
 Paid subject to the rates and conditions outlined in the State policy applicable to contracted vendors.
 Allowable expenses associated with an assigned case must be delineated as a sub-category of the applicable PreHearing and/or Hearing Activity segment(s). Include dates, destination and mileage.
 Reimbursement requests must be supported by original documentation/receipts. Keep copies for your records.
4. Cancellations:
 The State will not pay for any cancelled proceedings. However, if a cancellation fee is outlined in the appointee’s bio and a hearing date has been confirmed by the parties, the parties may voluntarily agree to pay that fee.
5. Time for Billing:
 Work performed and expenses incurred during the 2015 FY period (10-1-14 thru 9-30-15) must be invoiced during this same period. Deadline for accepting 2015 Fiscal Year invoices is Monday, October 5, 2015.
 Submit no more than two billing invoices on a case during the same FY period. Billing invoices should be submitted using the agency’s form or format attached at assignment.
 Payments on Fact Finding assignments are fully paid by the State.
 Payments on Act 312 assignments are shared equally by the parties, subject to MERC guidelines.