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12-22-2006, 12:23 AM
Rumor has it that we are doing card access again. Say it aint so Bobbo, Say it aint so :cry:

12-22-2006, 03:37 AM
Here?s the kicker. We were never supposed to stop monitoring it. Our dispatch center just stopped opening up the program. Remember, this is not a police thing. It was a University thing that our previous chief couldn?t say no to so as usual it became our responsibility. The University spends about 1.5 million buck a year on this system and we don?t see a penny. It would take a squad of 8 officers to respond to these alarms the way the system is designed. But lets not forget what causes these card access alarms. It?s the smokers taking a break, custodians at night, lazy cardholders that don?t want to enter through the proper doors, etc. The alarms are also caused by doors that don?t properly close and those that are propped open by university staff, faculty, and students that want access into the buildings. Photos have been taken of pens in the doors, garbage cans blocking the doors, tape on the locks, etc. And there is not any system set up for those people that violate the system. The system sucks, I know. I bet that the system hasn?t saved not even 1 dollar in property loss. But it?s part of the job. Remember, these calls are at a very low priority. Most clear before an officer is even sent out.

12-22-2006, 04:13 AM
Someone needs to grow a hair, and tell the University to Pi$$ off!!!

12-24-2006, 02:47 AM
For the love of god! I can't even get in most doors with my card!

12-24-2006, 03:58 AM
How will this minor campus security issue balance against what the Chief really wants..., traffic enforcement.., it wont. The Access alarms are not that important, and they will fade away again, trust me.

12-24-2006, 07:20 PM
With as many as 20-30 card access alarms on a given day, officer's could spend most of their day responding to these alarms. This doesn't leave alot of time for law/traffic enforcement.

12-29-2006, 02:34 AM
Officers will still have plenty of time to do all the regular police work they want even with the card access alarms. The alarms can be monitored by dispatch, cameras are available to most of the doors so the responding officer can be given the information about what might be causing the alarm. Sure on some days there are lots of access alarms but it's part of the job. No biggy. We are at work for 12 hours. Even with all the card access alarms we probably only get about 1 or 2 hours of calls for them at their peak. I'm not trying to be a suck up to the system or anything but lets try to remember that it's just a part and a very small part of a pretty good job.

12-29-2006, 11:46 AM
Very good response. We should stop complaining about little things and remember we wear the uniform to serve and protect.

12-31-2006, 03:23 AM
Your missing the whole point. First we have to open doors, and now we have to close the doors. We are COPS!!!!, not security guards. Treat us like one. Pretty good job?????? Obviously coming from someone that was just promoted.

01-01-2007, 03:43 AM
The card access calls are annoying, and there should be a fix to them, but I can tell you as long as your'e working at the University, like it or not, part of your duties is going to be Security Guard duties. That's the service the University expects. And, it is a good job and great work enviorment as far as police work goes, one day..now or future, you will realize it.

01-02-2007, 07:27 PM
Thats my point,this is'nt police work.

01-03-2007, 12:16 AM
Guess its not the shoot em up cops and robbers like you used to watch on Tv when your were a kid (obviously not that long ago ).

Maybe you should leave and go to Jersey City, NYPD or LAPD where cops are shot at, attacked by wackos, handle 20 assignments a day, and treated like crap by the public, the media, and the administration. Maybe after being a "real Cop" you will figure it out that you don't have it that bad here after all.

Those Departments would never put up with the attitude you have here and would bury a crybaby like you in a minute.

Grow up

01-12-2007, 10:42 PM
Good grief! You wanna be a real cop? You obviously have never worked anywhere else. Go to any small or medium sized city department and you will soon be dispatched to a chicken sh!t call. Same holds true with the big ones like TPD. Yeah, there is more action like you see on COPS at big agencies, but the fact remains that we serve, and you will too as long as you are a cop. Go ahead, jump ship for a "real" police department. Then, write back in a year and tell us how many barking dog calls, BS domestics and special deliveries you did for city council staff. Also, maybe you can tell us how many times you were subjected to IA because some dirtbag complained on you.

From where I sit, you guys have nothing to complain about!