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10-07-2006, 07:15 PM
I am about to go through the police academy at the Saint Petersburg college, and I would like as much advice as possible. What should I expect? It?s my understanding that out of 32 recruits, about 10 drop/fail. Is this mostly because of bad attitudes and lack of physical fitness? Should I get a 19 or a 17 glock firearm? How are the exams each week structured? Are the instructors there to assist, help, and guide the students, or are they known to be unhelpful. Do they do PT at the end of the day, and do all the students take showers (I was told they have showers there, a bit odd?). Where will I be trained to use my firearm? If anyone could answer any of these questions, please do. I would really appreciate ANY advice I can get. Thanks!