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Good evening kiddies....What you are about to read is a macabre tale of that of a terrifying Police Department that sits on a cursed land of incompetence. The halls are haunted with photos of evil souls that used to roam with vindictive spite and some still do. A living breathing Lieutenant here in the early afternoon, but mysteriously missing by days end. A rattled chain of command that communicates only through a ghastly email service that a small child with a learning disability would find to be primitive in nature and completely ineffective.

Equipment that is alive and well one day and mysteriously dead the next. The gruesome tale continues with the overwhelming amount of illness that strikes a select group of officers, ever so coincidentally on the day before or after their stretch of 3 days off. Even more shocking than this spooky occurence is the fact that the Administration turns a blind eye to such defiance and neglect. We recently were visited by some members of the H.R. Occult that introduced some black magic mixed with a little P.E.P. that will be used to crucify us all one by one. The Bride of Frankenstein still continues to sneak up behind her innocent victims as she wraps her cold, bony fingers around their necks, well in this case, bare with me, she hops up on a step stool and wraps her warm, fat friggin hands around their wind pipes and cuts off their last breath that once filled her victim's lungs.

Please, I warn and beg of you to use extreme caution when conducting business in such a place of darkness. This place that staffs a shift on a weekday with 7 zombies, but, only allows two skeletons to roam on a weekend full of chaos. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

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ORA! Has been casted on you Ghost Writer

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