View Full Version : Change of uniform

09-25-2012, 11:50 PM
I been working down in south fla for over 22 years. I worked long 12 hours shift when we got hit with andrew in 1992. We worked and directed traffic on polyester, pants and shirt for straight 3 weeks. Not one officer complaint, we all pulled together. To this date we have the same uniforms. it gets about 97 degree down here with the huminity makes it 126 degrees. here you guys are crying and filling grievence. are you kidding me? Grow up for once. Hydrate and stay inside you crown vic, the ac on these cruiser goes down to 40 degree no matter how hot is outside. I know , I drive 1. one thing we did 7 years ago , the chief approved tinted windows. tinted windows help us big time. good luck with your grievence.