View Full Version : Listen to me.

08-04-2012, 07:21 AM
What has happened? Why are we doing this? Yes, there are some who don't deserve an ass groove in a Crown Vic, but there are so many that do. We sound as if we all hate each other. I mean really? Some of us have spouses and kids, and there may be some that don't. God forbid, but what if that next call on the radio you hear is a 3-15 to your fellow officer, whether you think they are a piece of sh@t or not??? Do you really want them to die??? ENOUGH!!!! The hate has to stop.

08-04-2012, 07:30 AM
Of course I don't want anyone to die. I guess I never looked at it like this before. I mean, who the hell is this that put it this way?

08-04-2012, 07:37 AM
It doesn't matter who it is, but, please realize, it does matter who the *******s are who aren't willing to participate in a positive message from the Lord.

08-04-2012, 04:42 PM
Amen, no more hate.

02-25-2013, 07:27 AM