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07-20-2012, 05:03 AM
Geography impacts people’s spirituality. Perhaps this is why a great deal of World spiritual heritages and traditions is found in parts of the Globe in which the topography and nature are irregular and breath taking. The Tibet, Himalayas, Machupicchu, The Nile even a Desert have being scenarios of great spiritual traditions. (Sorry, but South Florida is flat land and thus have nothing to offer in this department.)

In contrast, Architecture, as opposed to Nature, is nothing more than man creating his own environment. And made no mistake about it, that it has been proven that Architecture also affects people’s mood and why not, “spirituality” as well.

Although I have no formal training in neither Architecture nor Civil Engineering, I have noticed that our “Jurisdiction”, which for the sake of this monologue, I refer to it as our “environment” is fairly compared to a Circle. I don’t know if this is the byproduct of intention or of chance.

Curiously, here in MMC, It does not matter which way you go, if left or right, You eventually, will arrive to the same spot you were earlier. Don’t forget to include the great circle in 108th and 16th. But recently a new circle has been also added near PG 5. And of course, housing has its own circle in Lakeview too, so they don’t feel left out. I am surprised that a fourth Circle has not been build on the West Side! …(Just to balanced out a litter bit)

The circle or wheel, is seen in Hinduism as symbolic of the "eternal recurrence". The Cycle of Life if you will, the Cycle of Human History, the Cycle of Nature and so on… perhaps this fixation with “Circles” we see in our environment is to send us a message.

A message of another kind of “Eternal Recurrence” that goes on in here. Like no real changes. No real Directions. A non departure from the past. That no attempt to effectuate changes is worth since we are all trapped in this “Circle Mentality” that will remain forever. In a word, the Future offers no real “Newness” of anything in here, Same old things. This Is perhaps the ultimate expression of negativity in geometrical form.

Now, I have the ability to think outside the box, and can see this place from an "bird's view" perspective. BUt I wonder how many people are unawared of the Great Circle in which they have being working for years? ..... maybe, some people cant noticed it...oh well....

But, there is Hope. Although we are challenged by this man-made Shape of our Environment (MMC), the New Regime is creating new Inroads and avenues in here. Even our Police Department that has also being for so long affected by this “Circle Mentality” is now being reshaped for the good.

I see the enthusiasm of the New Regime spreading even to the engineers and architects that would re-created a better and new MMC. Creating an environment less monotonous, that offers real alternatives in which directions to take.

The Department definitively is moving away from these “Circles”, and like Columbus in 1592, is following its own linear trajectory in search for new Worlds!


Mein Kampf.

07-20-2012, 05:32 AM
Circle or no circle, if we keep hiring ****y Sweetwater folk, with nothing short of learning disability, to represent this University, we're F@CKED!!!

07-21-2012, 10:31 PM
Circle or no circle, if we keep hiring ****y Sweetwater folk, with nothing short of learning disability, to represent this University, we're F@CKED!!!

must suck having these guys outshine you in your own job, huh? stop hating. go quit or something.

02-25-2013, 07:24 AM