View Full Version : Are You Guys For Real?

02-07-2012, 02:51 AM
So...I was bored reading the usual senseless garbage in my own forum and I was definitely done reading about how everyone hates the troopers (lol...with good reason), so I wondered what would an FIU Police Officer ***** about...and HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS ARE WEIRD! You have some clown who calls himself "Mein Kamph" and even worse, you have a guy pretending to be him! Then you have a guy who rhymes!? WTF Dude! Let me ask you...just becuase you work at a University, does that make you smarter through osmosis or something?! Some of you guys remind me of the movie "With Honors" when they call Joe Pesci a bum and he responds "yes...but I am a Harvard bum". Let's see if I can make my point even more clear...You are cops! Blue color, thin blue line toeing cops! That should be enough!

I did not come on here to bash what your individual department does as far as calls because quite frankly I don't work in your department and I would not begin to understand what you deal with. But I am confused as to the fkn wierdos you have posting garbage on here. From what I have read, you have some lazy bosses and even lazier cops that seem to frown upon anyone being proactive.

You proactive guys...keep doing what you are doing...just be safe. You lazy fux, back up the hard chargers and worry about taking your naps at home. You serious intellectuals that post your crazy rhetoric...get real and get over yourselves.

02-12-2012, 02:44 AM
Well...well...well...maybe that one who needs to "get over yourselves" is Mr. J.A.C. He seems to be a little to tense.

I am not sure that in any of ours posts any one has suggested that we are smarter than others because we work in an University? unsure where our visitor is coming from.