View Full Version : Things will never change

12-31-2011, 02:52 AM
Has anyone seen Billy? It seems like he's still running the place. Things have not changed one bit. We still have no good people who only care about themselves in charge. I'm gonna get strait to the point on certain things? How are you gonna hire someone and 3 weeks later make him an investigator? The position was not even posted to allow other good Officers a chance. This is favoritism at its best. I bet that person is next in line to get promoted too. Im tired of hearing about things will change. Guess what.. in this place... all leaders are alike. To get somewhere in the Magic Kindom, its who likes who or how well you kiss ass. Another thing that is jacked up is the schedule. How do you have PPO's with weekends off and seasoned Officers forced to go to other shifts with terrible days off. I guess seniority doesnt matter here as well. I agree to not send PPO's North until they get off probation but let them bid slong with non PPO's in regards to seniority. Dont hold spots only for them. This place is worst than before. If you want change then get rid of all the current brass and appoint new ones!

12-31-2011, 04:50 PM
An agency that experiences a complete overhaul in top adminstration brass will experience a far greater organizational upheaval then you have described here.

Administrators often times make decisions that are, what they consider, to be in the best interest of the agency. For the best decisions for an agency is what keeps an administrator working to retiremement.

From what you have described, it's rarely advantageous for an administrator to conduct business as you related. Maybe then, you are simply venting.

If that is the case, God Bless you and Have a Happy New Year.