12-14-2011, 09:20 PM
A Certain spurious note, has appeared in this site, as coming from the hand and ink of Mein Kampf.

I warn to all, than this is not other than a Forgery. Let me expose The Forgery.

The Forger, beguines with a quotation of Dr. Martin Luther King, as a way to make his poisonous spew more credible.

Secondly, it uses figure's of speech such as "Wolf in Sheep Clothing", "Clandestine", "Romantic Ideology" and "New Regime". A verbatum similar to that one I have employ in my past rants.

Third, It employs my Screen name. However, (let me put my textual criticism to the test in here)

This is a forgery, I did not write this personal attack.

First, anyone who reads my rants know by now that I dont engage in personal attacks. This is clearly a personal attack, contrary to my way of Life.

Secondly, The Forgerer seems to know information about this individual he is attacking that i don't have. This is someone from the inside, a person who knows what this individual is doing in a daily basis. There is no way that I could know all of these things, whether they are true or not. Still, this is a recollection of events, detailed, the forgerer knows who his victims calls, where his victim has being and even what his victim has done in front of computers in dispatch. This is clearly beyond my scope of knowledge. A-) because is evil. B-) because to spy this way of not my field c-) and even if a wanted to know all these, it is impossible for me, because I just dont have these type of connections.

Thirdly, just compare the two Screen names "MEIN KAMPF" and "MEIN KAMPF."...look carefully and you will notice the camouflage. There is a *point* at the end of the screen name, which is an additional character, which means that is not the same poster.

All my original rants has not points and the screen name is composed of 9 characters and not 10 characters.

Beyond the Grammatical Issues, lest do some Logic in here:

If i want to post this poison, why would I use a different Screen Name? ....The only Logic response is that I lost my password and therefore created a new Screen name similar to that one I lost, in order to post. The problem is that you are reading this post with the original screen name! which means that this theory makes no sense at all.

if i wanted to attack this person, why would I use "my screen name" at all???? this is self defeating.

Needless to say that the action of attacking coworkers is not my style. I have spoken about the issues, but never about the individuals. Anyone who are familiar with my rants knows this for a fact. i write to build up, never to tear down.

finally, I am worry not for the forger, but for his victim, it seems to me that his victim has a clever enemy who is following very closely his/her victims' footsteps.


The True Mein Kampf

*If I would have written the poison i would have used a quotation form Saint John Chrysostom instead: "He who does not feels Anger against Evil, commits a greater Evil"* ;)

12-15-2011, 07:30 AM
"will the real Mein Kampf please stand up!!". At first I was happy to find someone in the chain actually took a stand against this shaved gorilla... But after finding out it apparently was an imposter I'm actually disappointed. Seems you all will have to continue to wait for someone of rank to grow some... It's astonishing how everyone else is affected by the product of her back stabbing yet no one has the guts to retaliate back... One person cant stop this departments drama...... This is eminent, yet, you still don't work together to put her in place, keep taking it up the _____. New Chief = a new beginning, I think it's time you guys put a stop to this epidemic she causes.

Shame on those who actually think she's an "asset" to this department... I'd say a burden and the primary cause of all the drama that goes around that place...

12-15-2011, 03:31 PM
A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends.
~Friedrich Nietzsche

My Rant: Although my findings of this imposter may fall on deaf ears. The initial poisonous spew if held true and I hold no reservations that the person in question is capable of said actions I commend this "Ghost Writer" and his/her rethoric. Once again I don't condone the methodology but needless to say "Immitation is the best form of flattery"


The True Mein Kampf :D

12-15-2011, 07:08 PM
"I found life more dangerous among men than among animals"
- Friedrich Nietzsche.

Wow....very artistic! You have encapsulated nearly all the Elements of Mein Kampf literary style. This is a masterpiece! lol lol lol

I am not endorsing your view, I am just recognizing your literary artistry.

I still affirming that attacking people, specially co-workers in this public fashion, is a total display of lack of character.

Why does some individuals see their coworkers as a thread to them ? why do they need to bully somebody, maybe insecurity?..... maybe jealousy?....maybe a personality disorder issue?....why some people cant just endure peace and harmony in the work place?

Maybe Nietzsche was right, there is more violence in the animal kingdom than there is in "civilization". At least animals kills for eating / survival. Man does violence and creates hostility to another fellow man sometimes just for "fun".

"Man is a Wolf for man....the world is just a hell and in it human beings are the tortured souls on one hand and the devils on the other" - Arthur Schopenhauer

As cynical as it sounds, perhaps the bumper sticker "the more i know my neighbor the more i love my dog" isn't far from the truth.

Let us Stop the Hate.


Mein Kampf

12-15-2011, 08:57 PM
The question arises could this farse be a ploy perpetrated by MEIN KAMPF himself or an ardent follower? If it is, well played...

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." - Charles Baudelaire :devil:

12-15-2011, 11:29 PM
Good Rhetoric.

Your theory falls into the Realm of the Possibilities. And yet, Possibilities ought not to be confused with Facts. It Seems to me that you are proposing a Possibility with no grounds. A possibility which by its own nature, is very weak and groundless.

There are possibilities with Substance, and therefore become credible, in this case, you are introducing us to an unlikely possibility.

Needless to say that this is an argument from silence. And an argument from silence is not an argument at all but a trick, a fallacy, a logical travesty.

And even if our current exploration of this issue reduces us to the world of Law Enforcement - we could only articulate that Mein Kampf had the Opportunity, had the Means, but the real question here lies in the Motive. Did he had the Motive to perpetrate such an ignominious act against his co-worker ?

And yet, even if the Motive were there we still have no Evidence that suggest that Mein Kampf did it. We still dwelling in the World of the Possibilities.

And yet, we are now dealing with a different issue in here. In our quest for the True, (the origin of this poisonous spew) we have not more than Two Alternatives: Faith or Doubt.

Faith in the words of the real Mein Kampf who denies any involvement. Or Doubt in the Words of Mein Kampf. The interesting dynamic in here is that Doubt is Faith on an Spinoff. Since Doubt in here takes the form of a belief in the contrary.

On the Other hand, The evidence that Mein Kampf has provided is his own pedigree. His traceable records of words after words, in which any reasonable observer will agree that there is a substantiated pattern of no spreading poisons.

And yet, this is not an argument from silence, is a fact. Again, I invite anyone to pick any of my Rants and to dissect, to scrutinize, to investigate in order to detect the most minute particle of poison in my Rantings....otherwise, this is all mere speculation.


Mein Kampf.

12-16-2011, 10:01 PM
by MEIN KAMPF » 06/27/11 15:11:51

Now that 155 passed the Sergeant test, new operational changes will be setting in place in order to ensure compliance with the University Radical Transformation for our department, the following changes will take place starting immediately following his promotion:

The intent is that The Might Night squad will be the example as the *Elite Squad* of FIUPD.
From now on, all personnel will report to Formation on in P.T. gear every day at the beginning of the Shift. The location will be the PG5 First Floor right off the Police Station’s north door.

The Mandatory P.T. will be lead by unit 155. Paying special attention to Push Up & Sit Ups. The two mile run will be taking place on Campus and lead by unit 172. This is done in order to achieve and maintain the new Physical Fitness Standard Policy of the Departmental S.O.P.

In order to ensure adherence to this policy, a P.T. test will be administered to all squad members once every four months. Those officers who would not be able to adhere and maintain to this Physical Fitness Standard Policy, will be transferred from the might night Squad to another Squad.

Following P.T. ; 30 Minutes for personal hygiene will be afforded. All personnel will report to the same location on Duty Uniform for Formation and ready to be tasked. Unit 155 will conduct roll call on the spot. Weapon Inspection, Equipment inspection, Uniform Inspection and Vehicle Inspection will be conducted at this time, no exceptions will be made. All personnel will be briefed by unit 155 as pertaining to any Sensible items, concerns and the marching orders for the day.

In the event that the Mid Night Squad is tasked by the Department Chain of Command to provide security and police detail at the F.I.U. Stadium for the Football game, a Road March will be executed from the Police Station to Gate 4 of the Stadium.
Only mid night squad members will be allowed to wear the *ELITE* Squad distinctive PIN on their Uniform.

At 0530 hours there will be another Formation on the same location for 06 purposes. Unit 155 will be briefed by all Squad members regarding all paperwork, reports, evidences or any other unreported action taken by the officers during the Mission. Officer 155 will then report and pass on all pertaining information to the incoming Sergeant of the Morning Shift and then relinquish the safety of the Campus to his/her watch.

12-16-2011, 10:05 PM
by MEIN KAMPF » 09/06/11 22:46:52

Like in any political discourse, we all have the right to disagree with each other.

I am trying to read your post between the lines. If your point is that The University’s Knesset still has work to do in order to make FIUPD more effective, I agreed….there is always room for improvement everywhere in life!

And yet, if I have to chose between the Old Cuban Cosa Nostra Regime in which FIUPD were under a couple of years ago, and this Zionist movement that we now have, I guess that the answer is obvious.

Let me remind you that the Old Regime reigned with an iron fist for more than 20 years. And FIUPD did not show much sings of progress in those 2 decades of total Feudalism, perhaps with the exception of a “Portable” water front property by the lake as a station, conveniently located next to the dumpsters in juxtaposition with a dispatch building in pristine rotten conditions.

I imagine everyday El Senor drinking Cuban cafesito in the balcony of his Primera Casa office,in the early hours of the morning while looking at the dispatch Tower thinking “I cant wait to see that F@#$% building caving in and bringing down with it whatever is left of these M%%$@#S ”…. Yeah…I clearly see the support FIUPD had under that Tropical Administration.

Now, whether this Mister is from Semitic descendants, or a member of a Germanic tribe is totally irrelevant to me. The point is that finally we all can see real progress going on.

I am critical when is time to be critical, but like to support when the support is well deserved.

But again, we are welcome to respectfully disagree with each other.


12-16-2011, 11:39 PM
Mr. Hypocrisy welcome to this Forum !

I see you have done an impressive search of Mein Kampf ranting.

Let me lay out here what I call a "Poison" and what is not.

Poisons are ways to kill people, but is a "refined", "elegant" way of getting rid of somebody. Is always absent of violence, clean, and not confrontational, but yet, very effective. A person cat take someone's else life with out having to witness it or even being present in the same area . This is a very sudle method of gering rid of someone.

My contention still being the same, There are individuals that comes to this places and spread "Poisonous Spews" with the sole intention to harm a coworker reputation and to destroy his/her character.

Your quoted Ranting, fails to meet this criteria for the following reasons:

1-) There is a difference between Spreading Poisonous Spews and Using Constructive Criticism.

Poisonous Spews has no purpose but to destroy. In the above mentioned Rants is clearly that my intention was to Build Up, Affirm, Approve and Praise the New Regimen as the best of the two Alternatives. and in this process of inspiring Confidence , Many figures of speech were employed.

Poisonous Spews will not even give you this. The sole mission is to destroy its victim with out contributing anything positive to the table.

2-) The Issue of Balance and Public Reaction.

Unfortunately is hardly to find anybody who would sinceraly Praise the Old Regime. It seems to me that the Evils described were so real and self evident that no one has anything contrary to add or to proof.

I still have not find any body from within our department who have the most insignificant Regret for the passing away of the Old Regime. This tells you how much realistic and unbiased my Ranting was.

A poisonous Spew lack these things. Its sole objective is to charge!, charge!, charge! in a merciless and cruel manner with the purpose to harm! harm! harm! and the popular reaction is often that one of a total disapproval and offend the civilized manners and faculties of the rest of the community members, who reacts in total disapproval for the Poison.

3-) The Issue of Interpretation.

The real thing here is not that a particular Ranting is a Poisonous Spew based upon the readers interpretation of it (you?). In this case then the real meaning of any given text lies in the subjective interpretation of its readers (Derrida, Foucolt, Lyotard) instead of in the original intention of the writer who wrote the text in the first place.

A Rant can easily be taken out of context and giving countless of meanings and interpretation, however, the reality and true nature of the text, will prevail if giving the chance of a serious consideration.

At the end of the day, still cant see how my Rantings could be fairly compared to the Poisonous Spews that appears in this arena.


Mein Kampf.

12-17-2011, 01:35 PM
Lost amidst the rhetoric and baffled with bull shit.