View Full Version : THY KINGDOM COME: The End of the Warlords is Near.

11-15-2011, 02:35 PM
There are three Departments within our Department, and the three works simultaneously.

First: The Department on Paper. Thatís that one you read about in the SOPís. The Official One, or the "Officialist". That one that says how things should be. In reality, is obsolete and archaic, almost non existent.

Second: The Department of the BBC. This other department has a different philosophy. Have their own rules and I would say, even a different vision.

Third: The Department of the MMC. This other Department differentiate in praxis and in theory from the Official (SOP) and its counterpart BBC. Sporadically Clashes occurs between the North End and the South End, over the question of who is right and who is wrong.

The Drift between these three Departments is so obvious that an officer who works at the MMC and goes to shift coverage in the BBC or vice verse, might feel the need to be re-trained in the other campus all over again.

This Scenarios in which a single geographical entity has being splinted into two or more separately mini kingdoms is called Chaos and creates the opportunity for the emergence of Warlords.

One Sergeant dictates how things should be running in his shift, while another sergeant disagrees and dictates a new set of marching orders.

Like Warlords, whom because of the lack of leadership, they creates their own sphere of influence and establish their own boundaries. (perhaps by necessity or perhaps by opportunism)

HOWEVER; The days of the Lack of leadership are over with. The New Regime is been establishing under the rule of one single Leadership.

I am anticipating the Unification of the Three Departments in a single One Entity. This will bring about the end of the Warlord Era.

The Question if the Warlord are right or wrong in their philosophies and approaches is for a different Exploration to take.

The Question of who is ultimately responsible for the creation of the Warlords System, is also another different Exploration to take.

I am only describing the things as they are and predicting how they will be from now on.

Behold! The Days of the Warlords are over with , Unification is Near! The Three Departments will become One, and is not going to be that One represented at the BBC or that one represented at the MMC much less that One represented at the SOP's....This is a NEW Entity....a NEW SYSTEM.....a NEW DEPARTMENT...."Thy Kingdom Come!"

Mein Kampf