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11-05-2011, 12:55 AM
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_qISFnvlR73Q/SqkfpdWFgsI/AAAAAAABQ30/5hXmMpK2REM/s1600/Donald+Duck+Mein+Kampf.jpg :evil:

11-05-2011, 03:21 AM
Your post is disturbing, but I have heard that Walt Disney was an anti-Semite. I'm unsure of any truth that might carry, though.

In case you don't know however, "Mein Kampf" translates as My Fight, or My Struggle. Adolf "Dog Schit" Hitler used that as one of his many ploys in a way to make the people support him after the Treaty of Versailles screwed Germany.

I'm probably boring you with this, but since I don't care, let me also point out that the swastika was given a nasty stigma as a result of that douche bag, who I truly hope suffered a long, painful, drawn out death. The swastika has historically been a symbol of peace, and can be found on Hindu and Buddhist statues and temples constructed thousands of years ago, LONG before the Nazi movement began. Again, it was one of his psychological ploys.

Besides that, I'm still pissed that he ruined a mustache style forever.

The Mein Kampf who posts here, in my eyes, has nothing to do with the picture above, and has used that term to describe his own struggles either in the profession, or FIU.

11-07-2011, 01:50 PM

I cannot agree more with your installment! Allow me further elaborate on your point. "Mein Kampf" if I am not mistaken, was written by Hitler while he still was in prison.

And yet, the Thrust of this title, doesnt lays in the content of the book who is staunchly anti Jewish. But in the idea that the title suggest.

I identify myself with "My Struggle" - "My Lucha" - as a way to best describe one's life, my life. beginning from the premiss that a human being is a "Creature in Crisis" - the crisis of oneself - Life in many respects is a struggle, a personal struggle.

Life is also a tension, the tension between being oneself, being the "Individual" per se, and the tension of being the individual that Society expects us to be, which we need to be in order to survive.

This creates an existential crisis, where people questions everything that made up our lifes, marriage is questioned, religion is questioned, government, personal values, even why to be logical or why to be reasonable at all ?.

An individual that falls into this "mood" - struggles in order to see real meaning, purpose and finally value for his life. if he gets to the conclusion that a human life is meaningless, purposeless and valueless - the logical conclusion is to start questioning one's own existence as a whole.

"Mein Kampf" best describe this experience, not just as an struggle with other individuals, (since human life is also the survival of the fittest), but also as one continually striving in order to survive "oneself".

life is a "struggle", I have mine "Struggle" and you have your "Struggle", and the minute that we cease to engage in this struggle, we are soon to perish.

Now, besides this personal existential, individual Ranting, there is also a professional overtone to this. This is what the Germans calls "sitz im leben" - or situation in life-

A man's life is not only his emotions, his thoughts, his ambitions, his beliefs, and his failures...all of this are Subjective nuances. But the totality of his life includes also his historical background and the circumstances of his life. No man lives in a vacum.

F.I.U. / Police Work is also part of "My Struggle" as my "sitz im leben" - situation in life-

As Nietzsche said : "A Man's Life is Justified by his Reality".

As you can see, the "Mein Kampf" thing is all Filosofical - Psycological and personal and has no connection with political or racist tendencies.

Thank You for your Post!


Mein Kampf - The Striving Men - :)