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11-30-2010, 03:12 AM
It was in 1934 when Robert Graves finished and published his novel: “I, Claudius”. Narrating the first 80 years of the Roman Empire, Beginning from the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44BC till the assassination of Caligula’s in 44AD.

The novel became an Epic tv series of the 70’s, under the same title : “I, Claudius” and it was broadcast by the BBC. The work won three Emis and numerous other recognitions. It has being taken to Radio and to live theater performances as well. Time magazine, listed it among the best 100 English novels from 1923 till 2000. And it has also being translated into many languages including Spanish also as: “Yo, Claudio”.

Graves showed us how those who were supposed to be held to a higher accountability, in this case, the luminaries of the time, I.E. Emperors and Senators, were constantly involved in intrigues of assassination plots. It seemed that somehow Life was short for the Roman Elite.

We may think that there are not bloodthirsty “Assassins” among us. But, I want to suggest to you that there are another kind of “Assassins” among us.

The Sixth Commandment has being translated: “Thou Shall Not Kill”- However, the original Hebrew renders “Lou—Ti-Ratzach” – (that is; Qal Imperfect form, in second person, masculine, singular)… a more accurate translation is: “Thou Shall Not Murder” .

“Do Not Kill” would be –“Lou-Tiq-Toul” – (Qal Imperfect, second person, masculine, singular) . The reason is that the Scriptures does not forbid the taking of a man’s life by another man. Killing is allowed, Murdering is not. There is a huge ethical difference between the two.

And yet, there is another meaning to this; although we may not Assassin another man, we can Assassin him / her in another way.

I mean to “Kill” his reputation is the same as to Kill him in his person. A man needs his “reputation” to live. In some professions, to lose the reputation is to lose the job, and possible the career forever.

We may not take that dagger or pour out that poison in our fellow officers drink, kind of “I, Claudio” style. But we may gossip enough, and spread rumors enough, we may bring his integrity and his performance into question with enough malice and poison on it, that we eventually leave the officer useless- even for life!

Is not honest for me to pretend that I am “holier than thou” ….unfortunually, I am too guilty of breaking the Six Comandment on my own way (perhaps itempted by feelings as humans as the feeling of retaliation, but I recognize that two wrongs doesn’t make one right)

Like the Emperor of Rome, I am too called to a higher standard!

That’s why I choose this week rant: “I, The Assassin”. Inspired by Grave’s “I, Claudius”.


Yours Trully;
Thomas Hobbes.

12-02-2010, 03:16 PM
Mr. Hobbes, tu estas de pipi :)