11-10-2010, 04:19 PM
In 1979 an, uneducated, poor, young Jamaican man shock the world with a simple lyric: “Africa Unite”. In an era in which Africa was living its worse internal struggled In order to achieve self identity right after gaining self independence from European colonialism.

Bob Marley no doubt was very polemical in his religious view, outlook of history and politics. However, with a simple Caribbean tune and lyric he transmitted his dream to the world of a Unified Africa and an “Emancipation of all black man”.

And yet, Marley never lived to see the Unification and harmony that he so much desired.

In fact:

His own band The Wailers abandoned him.
He was shot during a concert in his own land.
And Africa until this day, still suffering from internal turmoil’s, power struggles and civil wars. (specially during the 70s-90s)

The Lyric goes something like this:
“Africa Unite!, Cause we are moving right off Babylon; and we are going to our fatherland. How good and how pleasant it would be, before God and men. To see the unification of all Africans!….Africa Unite! because the children want to come home!”

Like this song, I only hope that the new blood (officers) joining our department come with the same spirit. The spirit of contributing to the Unification of our department.

FIU is a good place to work, is perhaps the best kept secret in Miami-Dade County, but too many internal strife, some individuals led by jealousy, envy, competency and vindictiveness keeps this place in a constant struggle for survival.

I do not approve Marley beliefs and way of life, but I agree with him that jelousy, envy and competency are not the right and convenient way of surviving.

Hope that the new officers have the same mentality.