10-11-2010, 09:18 PM
Is axiomatic (self-evident) by now that after a PhD from Harvard, 27 books and 300 articles being published, Michael Walzer has established himself as an authority in these issues.

He is best know as the author of: “Just and Unjust Wars” written in 1977 the last and forth edition of which was in 2006.
Walzer explored the issue of Warfare in so in deep analysis like no-one had done it before him. Walzer approached the issue of War from every possible angle.

His book is a compendium of 350 + pages of critical thinking on warfare. He approaches warfare from the historical standpoint, the philosophical standpoint, the ethical standpoint, religious standpoint, conservative and liberal standpoints…ect…

Among the chapters are “war without weapons”…."the tyranny of war”….. "the hostility of war”…."war against civilians”….."the right to leave”….ect …ect…ect…

Today, Michael Walzer ‘s “Just and Unjust Wars” is the classic text book used by the US ARMY in order to nurture their military career personnel. Also policy makers, politicians, head of states and many others key figures, at some point in their lives become familiar with Walzer’s “Just and Unjust Wars”.

In a nutshell: Walzer advocated that what make a war just are three important steps in the process:

1 The “justice for war” – the justification for the war.

2 The “justice in war” – it is the degree of hostility used against the enemy morally justifiable and strategically necessary?

3 The “justice after war” – defeating the enemy is just a part of winning a war, knowing how to win in such a way that does not demoralize the whole campaign is also an important component of a “Just War”.

I don’t think that Walzer would be found of our current PBA strategy!
The intentions are right. But the “how to” is defeating the Campaing.
Very few PBA members know what is really going on in these negotiations.

No even the old timers seem to have a clue of where we are in the process. Mind you, we are not such a big agency for its members to be totally in the dark about what is going on with PBA negotiations.

Ironically is the administration (the counterpart)that one that is informing us in writing about what is going on!

Committees of officers are created to discuss a salary issue that affects all the union members and yet no one knows anything about this issue.

Lawyers from the PBA comes into campus to “collect votes” from the union members….and again no one knows anything about this.

And now the shoot of grace is this, a .75% of salary increase has being approved and yet, no one knows yet if this was done in lieu of the members not continuing pressing forward with the inpass effort! a wooping .75%...the equivalent of 10 hrs of OT over an entire contract that has being ignored for years...i guess that something is better than nothing.

Our strategy is loose and members are not being properly educated and informed of what exactly is going on.

Walzer was rigth, just causes needs to be fought in such a way that honnors the cause itself and those involved in it.