06-17-2010, 05:01 AM
Rather than being just “pure entertainment”, Toys Story is full with images, lines, dialogues and behaviors proper of adults.

This classic theatrical rendition, takes adults real- life issues to a next level. It was first released in November of 1995, with a price tag of 30 millions. Generating a gross profit of 364 millions (take into consideration the inflation back in the 90’s….impressive).

This film, is, in my view, a good example that good and meaningful art for children is possible. Unfortunually postmodern AmericanS approach to entertainment is void of substance. Hollywood and Disney waste millions of dollars in producing movies and shows that are just that…”entertainment”….there is no "Life Lessons"…. is all Pure garbage, The typical MTV / couch potatoes generation. ….And yet, "Toy Story" don’t fit this mold.

This movie is about a boy named Andy. Andy is a sound, healthy, typical boy who’s Toys comes alive when he isn’t present.

There are many different toys in Andy’s room. One in special, “Woody” is the Toy Leader of the room. He is also Andy’s favorite Toy, whose leadership is challenge by the arrival of a new toy to the community, “Buzz Lightyear”.

This two Toys are different from each others. Woody is a western deputy. Old fashioned, made of fabric and has a winded mechanical system by which he speaks.

Buzz Lightyear, is a sophisticated space ranger. Unlike Woody, he is made of plastic. Battery powered, has deployable wings with blinkers and electronic voice. Buzz Lightyear represents the new toy of the moment.

Both are Different characters in every sense of the word. In fact, every toy in Andy’s room is different and unique! …..Woody himself is far from perfect. He thinks he is better than the rest of the Toys just because he is lucky of being Andy’s favorite.

Woody is jealous, self centered, revengeful, methodical and sarcastic. He think he knows who he is, but in reality, he doesn’t. Woody ignores that he belongs to a set of collectables toys. And that he has a “family” somewhere else. There is much about himself that he doesn’t know, and yet, he makes fun of Buzz Lightyear.

his counterpart Buzz Lightyear lives in denial. He doesn’t want to understand that he is just a Toy like everyone else!...he still believing that he is superior. He really thinks that he is a space ranger and refuses to reason about his true identity. He think that just because he has wings he can fly. But he doesn’t. He called his wrecked fly attempt “falling with style”. and his innability to communicate with his "planet"... "radio interference".

The point of the movie is that these two different characters, although so different, can overcome their stubbornness, personal differences and sustain a true friendship.

We all forget that. People are different from each other and yet to live in harmony is possible. I see our department as Andy’s room. Where different personalities interacts every day. Some may have a more favorable positions than others, but at the end we cant forget the essentials: we all are humans and nobody is perfect.

This is why "Toy Story" generated so much positive criticism. For the good points it makes.

I personally have issues with the Globalization movement. It tends to bring everybody together at the expense of each individual identity. In a True Globalized World, cultural barriers don’t exist. Only one Main Culture exist. I believe that this approach to a global harmony is a mistake, we can all survive in the same place without losing who we are and sacrificing our true and unique identity and cultural wealth that we all posses.

"Toy Story" teaches us to retain who we are, but to come to terms with ourselves and overcome personal issues in virtue of creating a positive living atmospheres.

Our department is small, like Andy’s room. And have different people, just like Andy’s have different toys. There are also Different opinions about “how things should be handle”. Instead of rejecting one another, why don’t we learn to survive and overcome personal issues and turn this place in a more pleasant place to work?

In Toy Story I, Woody goes after Buzz Lightyear in order to bring him back to Andy’s room. While in Toy Story II, is Buzz Lightyear who goes after Woody to rescue him and bring him back to the rest of Andy’s toys.

The two movies are filled with layers of Plots after plots of meaning and life lessons.

“Toy Story”…True Life -Lessons from Andy’s Room!