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06-01-2010, 10:35 PM
An Excerpt of the Interview to Thomas Hobbes. Versallez restaurant, Miami Calle Ocho, 2010.

“The Bickering Most Continue” is the most recent release by Thomas Hobbes. During a recent press conference in Miami, Fl, Mr. Hobbes announced his most recent book. Surrounded by friends and supporters of his national campaign: “Towards a Positive Work Environment”, Mr. Hobbes make his announcement.

During this press conference, the question was asked why you chose the title: “The Bickering Most Continue”.

Mr. Hobbes: “Well what does “bickering” means? … Bickering is “internal Strife”; “backbiting”, “squabbling” , “wrangling” and “power struggle”.
And I believe that is the interest of the Administration for our Officers to be constantly engaged in “Bickering”.

Reporter: “Why you think that’s the case?”

Mr. Hobbes: “I have never being a fan of ‘Conspiracy Theories’. However, the Administration knows that the day that this department unites in a truly cohesive manner and focuses in the real issues ahead, our level of effectiveness will increase.”

Reporter: “So your theory is that the whole constant bickering is a tool that the Administration uses to keep us where we are?”

Mr. Hobbes: “Is not just my opinion. Mr. Waldo is a retired seasoned officer, who spent most of his career in the road patrol atmosphere. His is well experienced in how “bickering” lowers the morale, brings disruption to the rank, exhaust the resources, and renders the rank useless and disoriented when facing the Administration.”

Also, Mr. Roary is a skillful politician who knows well how the system works. He told me that in the scenario that we are, the greatest fear of the Administration is to face a united, cohesive, organized work force.

Back in his days, Roary was trained by the System to implement the ‘Advance Psychological Warfare’ strategy. It consists in defeating the workforce by means of divisions. That’s why I think that is the interest of the Administration that the Bickering must continue.

Also, Mr. Wilson although being young and still a rookie, he is concerned with the lack of leadership not in the Administration, but from the side of the ranks. Wilson opinion is that he notices, that those who are supposed to lead us in these issues are the most heavily involved in the bickering. Their talents are being wasted (and with them are also our chances)

Reporter: “Mr. Hobbes, let us imagine that Mr. Waldo, Mr. Roary, Mr Wilson and you are correct in your theory. In a pragmatic note, is this really working for the Administration?”

Mr. Hobbes: “What do you think? Just look around! Read these post… they are an example of the anemic spirit of our ranks! …. The System is having the upper hand! …..and of course this “Advanced Psychological Warfare” is working! ….at this point everybody knows who the hated sergeant / officers are. And what are the latest nuances of these onslaughts.
Go around and ask the personnel on a personal level what do they really know about the “impasse”?.... What is the new strategy? (do we even have one?)….why we don’t have in house generated emails that update us from time to time over these matters? …. When is the next PBA meeting taking place?....why more people from the south and north did not attend last meeting?.....do you see the level of disorientation, ? … that’s exactly what the administration wants from us. But yet, let us come in here and rip us apart all day long.

Reporter: “Mr. Hobbes, in your book you always talk about the “Administration” or the “System”. However, you never mention anyone by name and you seem adamant to identify them. Who these people are? At what level of the chain of command are they found according to you?

Mr. Hobbes: “That’s precisely the problem! That approach only contributes to make the Bickering bigger and bigger! I don’t engage individuals, I engage issues. But I can tell you this: The” System” or the “Administration” as I refer on my book, is not a body of persons, is not “he or she”. Is a mindset, represented by some factions in the decision making levels beyond our department. We must meet argument with argument. Strategy with strategy. And we must unite ourselves, in a cohesive, focus and purposeful work force that knows where to go and how to get there.”

Reporter: “All right Mr. Hobbes, I see your point, thank you for your time, and good luck with your last installment”

Mr. Hobbes: “You are welcome! … This book “The Bickering Most Continue” can be purchased anywhere in calle ocho. Is a hard cover binding, with 155 pages of conventional wisdom that expound this theory more fully and in-depth. Again, I can’t thank enough Mr. Waldo, Mr. Roary and Mr. Wilson for their contributions.