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04-04-2010, 01:25 AM
When is Tavares gonna go union and bargain for a fix to your retirement? Holy crap you guys pay alot into it.

04-05-2010, 07:39 PM
I am sure this is written by one of our own.

IUPA was contacted sometime back after a group of 9 of 15 (Officers/Detectives/Corporals the other 6 were not asked if interested or not) stated they had a strong interest in going union. However, they said 15 was too small of a number for them to take in. They would actually lose money. Maybe if Sergeants were included things would be different adding membership to 21 instead of 15 or if they filled the 3 open slots (SC, MG, AW) which would raise membership to 25.

IUPA has done great things for Clermont (making them the highest paid agency in LC $41,800 as well as restored some folks lost jobs). I think this year you'll see them get take homes.


Your other option is PBA, However, I doubt they will do little for us, as they haven't done anything for Leesburg who is much larger than us. PBA is known for taking care of the big agencies.


Another idea would be to contact Mt. Dora PD's Union (Fraternal Order of Police) and see about joining. Not sure what good they have did MDPD and I have heard it takes many of months to get on-board with them.


If you are interested step up to the plate and make phone calls. Your protected under State and Federal laws, meaning you cannot be fired for speaking with a union or disciplined in anyway. It is a very confidential process. You contact the union tell them you are interested. They call a meeting and tell the agency what they are all about, each Officer is given a card (you don't place your name on it) and checks yes or no. If they get 51% Yes, your Union. The Union then has attorneys draw up a contract and the City agrees to it then they can't take tution, holidays, pay away without the union's approval who asks what the officers want. Your first contract would likely be to lower retirement contribution and up pay. After that, then you could seek other benefits.

With that being said it then takes a brotherhood/bond of sticking together because PD's typically make offers (favors) to individual officers to make them sway their decision.

Either make some calls, go elsewhere or sit back and deal with the 12.8% contribution to retirement, lost of Holidays, lost of Tution Reimbursement, and increasing medical benefits.

04-07-2010, 12:48 AM
try asking the unemployed officers how much they would have liked a union.