View Full Version : The Other Side of the Story.

02-02-2010, 05:36 AM
On a positive Note: as always happens , the good things are not known. There are always the negative stuff the things that floats around. But, let me share some provocative thoughts about this place in a way to bring on the positive spirit.

Yes is truth that we need to improve in some areas, (lack of a step plan, take home and off duties). However, there are other stuffs that in a way do compensate the tension between the two sides of the balance.

We have an excellent retirement program, the pay depending how you look at it, is very fair. The environment in which we work is an asset in itself, (as compared to what officers of other jurisdictions have to put up with everyday). Medical benefits, personal / family and dental are an excellent package deal! The benefit to study in this highly academic institution is also a plus. Not only for us, but for our families as well.

Depending how you also look at it, this is a good place to start your career, in the sense that you get to do a little bit of everything. From a 20, 17, 32s, 22s, some 29s, 34s, 27s, 26s, 41s etc… You work in a pace that would allow you to learn this profession, at a speed that in other departments would be impossible. Later on, if you wish, you could move on to a bigger agency but at least, you have an idea of how this profesion works.

Also, perhaps one of the best assets relies in the brass themselves. Granted they receive tons of criticism for a myriad of things. Whether the criticism is deserved or not, is a different subject matter which discusion is out of place right now. The true is that the framework in which this department operates is very political. Which in a way, makes more difficult the brass' performance.

Also, our Lts, Cpts and Chief, does not create problems for us. They are not in the business of going around intimidating officers and ruining people’s careers.

I know that ones does not live and provides for a family based only upon working in a “nice place with nice people”. Especially when the life cost in south Florida is becoming prohibited expensive. This translate to that when the economy gets better, we will lose a good amount of good officers. a real shame.

I also admit that some of the criticism to the department are well warranted. However, my intention is to provide a positive outlook of our overal situation.

I also know that we are an state agency and that state agencies are by its very nature, limited in the things that they can offer to its employees, (however, FHP, FWC, FDLE, DOT are also states agencies and yet they allow other incentives as take homes and off duties).

Yes there is a lot space to growth, but after all, we still much better than other places!