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01-03-2010, 11:28 PM
wow i'm so glad to be leaving this douche bags shift. talk about an idiot! and hes a total hypocrite and coward too. lets see how he fares on the day shift. he doesn't allow you to eat together, and wants everything called in. but the rules don't apply to him though, cuz he never calls anything in. and get ready now on day shift cuz he's gonna be in the lieutenants office all day long crying about something or another.

this guy needs to get his ass kicked really good just once. i'd love to be the guy to do it to.

01-05-2010, 03:16 PM
ha thats because the afternoon shift isn't run by 121, its run by his wife!

rather than Mussolini, which actually has a rough/tough connotation to it, we start calling 121 Sgt. Leidy Torres!

from now on i'm submitting all my paperwork straight to her.

01-06-2010, 05:46 AM
I have in my Library a copy of the 1651 monumental work of Thomas Hobbes entitled: "Leviathan". Thomas Hobbes, John Locke 1689 and Rousseau 1762 were the fathers of what became to be known as the "Social Contract".

Social Contracts theorist basically postulated that is impossible to live in radical anarchism, meaning that every one does as each deems best, only governed by the authority of each men conscience.

This life style is self-destructive at best,it will only lead to the "survival of the stronghest", thus, Social Contract Theorist, if well they desagreed with the rutless monarchy system of their times, on the oher hand they also desagreed with radical anarchism. The solution was the middle ground: each individual agrees to voluntarily "cede" a portion of each person's rights in order to allow a body of individuals (The State) to govern them throught a "Rule of Law".

Thomas Hobbes, John Locke and Jackes Rousseau dont only helped us to stablished the understanding of the " Social Contract" but also the afteward idea of "Civic Society". Their teachings were later used as the groundwork for modern ideas as the "Civil Rights" movements.

Thomas Hobbes' main point was that society cant survive without the strong precense of goverment. Some interprets 121 contribution as an attempt to prevent vintages of anarchism and to bring the force of his squad back to which is the historical mainstream filosofy of our department. A filosofy, that judged by the latters developments, demonstrade to still alive, strong and leading the way.

Needless to say that 121's approach earned the hate of some, but not of all. He left behind a mixture of enemies and friends. Pehaps,like Thomas Hobbes his legacy is: "Whithout the enforcing of Rules this place will go down!" -

Thomas Hobbes was a good man with ideas beyond of his time. Like 121, he wa dislike and his works were forbden and burned. However, he ws also well apprecated in some circles.

On a personal note, is a very poor personal performence that in order for someone to atack 121's performance, brings his wife into the argument. First, that is not professional, second is not of a gentleman class and third, is not necessary. People debase themself whe act in this maner.

at th end of the day, we need to learn tht people are not perfect. Hobbes made a mistake when he discussed mathematis (geometry). Something that he should never have done. He stronghly argued fr the squarting of the circle. Filosofy was his forte, not geometry.

01-06-2010, 10:24 PM
For all you haters out there. Remember what the Chief said at the meeting. If you don't like it here, JUST LEAVE. He also said that whoever hides behind a computer to trash the depaqrtment and fellow coworkers is nothing but a low life coward. So to the disgruntled cowards that don't have what it takes to face someone if you have a problem with them, continue your cowardly acts on this forum.

PS. Have you looked at yourself lately in the mirror and felt disgusted with yourself?. Well, the mirror doesn't lie. You know who you are.......so just do everyone a great favor and get out of here you trash talking cowards.............

01-07-2010, 01:15 AM
121's wife isn't just an arbitrary person. she has a severe influence on 121, therefore she runs him and our shift, and therefore she is fair game on these boards. if she didn't work for fiu police then i would agree that it is in "bad taste" but the fact that she does work here, and basically runs 121 leaves her as fair game. 121 hasn't made a decision on his own in 20 years and never will again. 121 is a puppet, and his wife is a puppet master.

why do you think 121 left that nice cush desk job in investigations??? its cuz his wife ordered him too :evil: (and he couldn't hack it.)

01-07-2010, 03:50 AM
Boy, talk about cowards, you don't have the guts to tell him to his face and now you even talk crap about his wife. But then again she could probably whoop your sorry ass. I've never seen such a bunch of sorry misfits who do nothing but shame the uniform they wear. I can't wait until they have to deal with a real criminal one day just to see how they are going to react.

01-07-2010, 04:52 AM
I will argue that the person who draws 121’s wife into this argument is debasing himself and comitting gross logical falacies.

1-) Unqualified Generalization (Dictor Simpliciter?) , a-) she works here + b-) she exert severe influence on him = c-) therefore she runs the show. In this case, even if A and B are true, C doesn’t necesarilly follows. Is like saying “exercise is good, therefore everybody should do exercise!”…. I am sure that any medical doctor will have something to say to this. lol

2-) The issue at stake is that some individuals desagree with the way 121 has being running his shift. This is a direct supervisor / officer matter. No need for relative to be dragged into the controversy.

3-) is true that 121 wife does work at FIUPD, however, one thing doesn’t necesarilly follows from the other (Non Sequitur ?). To assert that she works there and that she does run the shift are two different things. In fact, she is soo distant from his squad that unless you intentionally and purpursly go to see her in her office, chances are that you will never meet her. That’s how much contact she has with his squad.

4-) Hastly Generalization: Neither the issue is wether if his wife does has influence on him or not. I don’t see any problem with that, but even if we acept that as fact, “his wife has influence on him”, still a great length from here to proff that 121 supervisory decision making process is mainly due to his wife’s influence and not even to something else outside of the scope of his marriage (what about ….the administration itself?).

If I wanted to harm 121 reputation I will direct my arsenal to some other targets more honest and of a more gentleman class other than his “wife”. I would scrutinize and evaluate whether his directives and orders to his squad are unconventional, out of place, or inproper in nature. At least, my opponent will respect me and know that I don’t trow low punches under the table. I will adress things and issues that will make justice and honor my caracter. This is known as “The Justice of War” and “The Justice In War”.

My concern in not only about 121 or his wife, I am seeing the big picture in here. Obviusly people had issues with 121, but must of those things happened months ago, the consecuences of all those ordeals, is cero. Nobody was suspended or disciplined as result of those skirmish. And yet, some individuals still holding negative feelings. The guy havent even started the new shift yet, and they are wishing him the worse!....

It sounds more like a lot of inmaturity and childish egos being offended than real issues in here. We are a small department working in a small jurisdiction for 10 hrs a day, not counting 59’s time. if we opt for holding gruches, and a vindictive attitude…. Only individuals of the same breed will feel at home in this place.
Me personally don’t feel that I have to be aware or cautious of 121 movements. He does not represent a danger to anybody that does what FIU expects from its officer. On the other hand, there are other supervisors that if they were given the opportunity to run 121 squad…. Things would be worse fo everybdy!!!!....

01-07-2010, 10:40 PM
Well hopefully the young guns will leave when the economy turns around, oh yeah I forgot they couldnt make it in the real world thats why they are here.

01-09-2010, 09:00 PM
I love the names you gave yourselves "So True" and "Little Boy Blue". You might as well call yourselves "Blayne Edwards and Antoine Mayweather......Men on gossip...Hate it it....
they deserve a yet unheard of Zorro snap in Z formation!!!!!!! :lol:

01-16-2010, 08:01 PM
Dear brass you know I can't stand working with just another officer. It means that the other officer has to work by himself, so it would be great if you abide to what you have said in the past, to have at least 3 officers on duty all the time. :cry:

http://fiusm.com/news/2009/9/9/piblic-s ... all-season (http://fiusm.com/news/2009/9/9/piblic-safety-expands-workforce-prepares-for-football-season)

Public Safety expands workforce, prepares for football season

By Jorge Valens / Asst. News Director

Published September 09, 2009 at 09:04 PM

University police are preparing for the new semester by expanding their work force and employing new patrolling tactics to keep the University community safe.

The University currently has 40,151 enrolled students. According to University Chief of Police Bill King, the University currently employs 45 police officers to serve both Modesto Maidique and Biscayne Bay campuses.

There is about one officer for every 892 students on campus. Two of those officers were recently hired and King said he expects to add one more officer in the coming weeks.

University police officers patrol both campuses 24 hours a day, seven days a week and coordinate patrols in ten-hour shifts. The University Police Department always maintains a minimum of three officers on patrol at MMC and two officers at BBC. However, King said that these shifts often overlap, so there are always more officers on campus than the minimum.

King said that the current amount of officers can serve the University well, but the department is quickly adapting as the University community continues to grow.

"Our staff levels are adequate," he said. "But at the same time, as the student population grows [and] as the housing population grows ... staffing levels always become a concern."

According to University Police Lieutenant Rick Torres, the main areas of focus for patrolling officers are the residential areas, the Graham Center and the Green Library, particularly at night. Torres said these are areas of importance because they "are where most of the students are, and where most of the crimes occur on campus."

In addition, the department is preparing for the upcoming football season. According to King, campus police conducts regular operational meetings both internally and with Athletics to coordinate police coverage for athletic events. King said that football games are a primary concern due to their large turnouts.

"If you attended any of the football games last year I think everything was done pretty well and everything was pretty well in place," King said.

Officer David Suarez, who patrols MMC from 2 p.m. to 12 a.m., said that University police focus not only on the inside of the campus, but outside as well.

"People from the outside come in as well," Suarez said noting that the campus is susceptible to a criminal element originating from outside the University, considering that both campuses are open to the public 24 hours a day.

University police use three primary methods of patrol. Officers conduct foot patrols, use both marked and unmarked vehicles and employ the use of bicycles.

Suarez said these bicycle units help campus police increase their visibility on both campuses and are used heavily to patrol BBC.

He said that bicycle patrols are ideal for patrolling in between buildings on both campuses, and allow officers to respond quickly. Suarez added that campuses are relatively small areas to cover and that there are "a lot of short cuts" that both foot patrol and bicycle officers use to get where they need to go.

Torres said that the majority of crimes that occur on campus are property crimes, or crimes that involve burglary or theft of personal property.

According to the most recent Campus Security Report, a report containing yearly crime statistics that the department is required to publish annually, in 2007 there were a total of 166 cases of property theft across both campuses. This is up from 155 cases in 2006 and 130 cases in 2005. These cases include burglary, robbery and motor vehicle theft.

The 2008 crime statistics have yet to be published.

As of printing time, King did not respond to Student Media calls urging for a reaction to the above statements.

Suarez said that it is ultimately up to students to report crimes sooner rather than later. He said that students often delay reporting a theft because they are late for class, and this hinders campus police's ability to apprehend the individual or individuals involved.

University police urge students to report theft as soon as it happens by calling 305-348-2626.

01-20-2010, 05:37 AM
The “young guns” are needed. I believe that is on the interest of the Jurisdiction to keep “young guns” around.
A good administrator knows the importance of having a “variety of resources”. Young Officers, in general, are eager to learn and ready to deter crime. If you only hire officers that are already retired from other agencies, the Jurisdiction turns into a “Retirement Job”. This can have a very negative impact not only on the general image of the Department, but also eventually compromises the overall performance.

Some retired folks, are not going to get out of their way in order to seriously deter crime. Their incentive is not all out there anymore. This lack of motivation, aggravates when there is not the need for producing stats.

Besides, the students, employees and criminals will soon notice that the place has turned into a “Retirement Village”. No, I don’t think that this is the path. We need the young guys.

The problem is that in order to keep young officers around, the administration needs to be willing to pay the price. I am afraid that when the economy gets better, we will lose good young reliable officers too.

Young people have dreams too, they have houses to pay, families to support, children to send to college, and like everyone else they wants to grow on their profession.

It is very unlikely that the department will be able to keep a good proportional amount of young officers present on the force when there is not step plan, no off duties and not even a take home program.

The answer should not be “if you want to have those things, get out of here”… That does not answer the issue that the young officers are really needed in this setting in these days (especially nowadays, when college safety is not what it used to be before).

The issues still at stake, young guys are needed and what can we do in order to stop the revolving door?
To have a balanced force in which the community can be proud of takes resources, the administration needs to be willing to invest in personnel and tools. Otherwise “Retirement Village” will be celebrating its first anniversary very soon.

01-25-2010, 01:50 AM
This is really getting old! Stop talking about 121’s wife, leave his family out! Start by respecting your self and yes if you don’t like it here then leave the Dept. but then again some of you couldn’t nor wouldn’t make it in another Dept. lets not talk about the ones that tried but failed along the way so be grateful to have a job in a career field you so enjoy! WARNING TO ALL $HIT TALKERS ON THIS SITE: I will start posting on this site about Officer background and history….Remember it’s a small world….So they call this The Magic Kingdom.

01-25-2010, 04:06 PM
To whoever you are that is talking about putting Officers personal information on here...I.E. background and such. First...you don't know who is talking the trash therefore you are going to put information up of people that might not be talking the trash. Second if my personal information gets put on here for the world to see then I will find out who you are and we will have a whole new can of worms to open.

But nevertheless...you don't want people talking trash on here yet your threatening to do the same thing? And you can't identify yourself when making these threats? Shame. I personally think we all need to start working together and get on the same page. If we can do that this dept. would be much better. Maybe a decent contract could even come around instead of a 1% raise. I know there are guys here that are retired and don't care about the contracts and such, but for once instead of thinking about yourselves how about thinking about those that are trying to support themselves and families with only this pay check. I know we won't get a 5 or 10% pay raise, step plan, and take home cars tomorrow, but maybe one day we could. Never say never.

01-29-2010, 01:42 PM
I know every thing, don’t worry Fort Lauderdale your space shuttle is safe with me. We all know who the REAL $HIT TALKERS ARE!!!!! Some on days, some on afternoon and on some on midnights. Will see if they cont. the ace is up my sleeve. :snicker: :devil:

01-31-2010, 10:55 PM
Although I may say that Sgt. A. Torres may have his moods and personality traits, influenced by his wife or not, he is not the only one in the department that has issues. So unless, you care to elaborate on everyone elses problems, don't single 121 out.

mod 484
02-07-2010, 04:23 PM

03-15-2010, 05:56 PM
So you think that your department has bad supervisors? Ha! Try visiting the deeeeeeeep south at the Sarasota Sheriff's Office (http://sarasotasheriff.org/) in Florida where you'll meet "the hillbilly Gestapo gang." (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1281543078093754455&ei=a-WaS-eUNJK8qgLS8qX-DA&q=gestapo&hl=en#) :roll:

Steve ***** (http://www.sarasotasheriff.org/photogallery/Staff%202009/*****_Colonel_small%20copy.jpg) aka Mussolini (http://jonjost.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/mussolini.jpg) the ****tator
. [/*:m:b1ysoy4y]
Charlie Kaspar aka Nero (http://www.livius.org/a/1/emperors/nero_mus_munchen.JPG) the smiling madman
. [/*:m:b1ysoy4y]
Ron Locke aka little Hitler (http://www.anthonygonzalez.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderpictures/hitler-youth.jpg)
. [/*:m:b1ysoy4y]
Kevin McElya aka Panama Noriega (http://www.dictatorofthemonth.com/Noriega/noriega6.jpg) the incompetent [/*:m:b1ysoy4y]

So c'mon down ya'll and join the hillbilly Gestapo (http://forums.leoaffairs.com/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=97372&p=653895#p653895) fun! Ya hear?!!! :roll:

05-15-2010, 12:32 AM
From now on I want all my officers to have BLUETOOTH. I will be inspecting you in roll call, if not get ready to have a memo. ("Douglas!!!, Let's do it to them before they do it to us, this is a paramilitary organization, Blah Blah Blah!) :snicker:

05-26-2010, 11:48 PM
You guys need come together and solidify yourselves. Doesn't work like that in the real police world cause everybody's looking out for each other. Granted, we all have crackpots in our respective agencys, but they are usually delt with effectively either through peer preassure, or by higher ups. I don't know you FIU guys or am familiar with your ins and outs, but it seems to me that you need to organize and empower yourselves.

05-29-2010, 06:55 PM
I heard Mussolini is going to be the new BBC admin sergeant like Ochipa does down south so admin doesn't have to worry about him anymore. No more... "DOUGLAS!!!" :devil: But if it isn't true... it's real simple, work with real sergeants!! 125,130!!!! Let Mussolini get stuck with the inexperienced rookies so he actually has to do work and go crazy about them! Get your memos and complaints ready!!! 19,19,19,19,09 39! :snicker:

05-31-2010, 03:46 PM
Simple Description of the A. Hole/ Loser :lol: squad members in order of appearance and rank structure:
1. AA Leader.
2. JB Wanna Be Leader.
3. MH follows Wanna Be.
4. GW frustrated Wanna Be.
5. FT flollows frustrated Wanna Be.

06-24-2010, 03:16 PM
Well take a look at GOZMAN..he falls in line.. you do the same

Take your wife to work day has turned out very well.

If the campus had more 59's could we get more cars?

He is right we could be working at Sweetwater pd with Jesse

11-17-2010, 04:14 PM
Why do 121 have to humiliate his officers? :oops: