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11-13-2009, 07:15 PM
Why is everyone so focused on the email? Didn't it just say say the truth? What does it matter who wrote it? I'm tired of hearing about it. Get on with life.

11-14-2009, 01:27 AM
What email?

01-09-2010, 08:06 PM
And if you are that worried about the email grow a sack and come over and request a copy. It was sent to her work email therefore it is public record under Florida's Public Record Law.

01-10-2010, 07:23 AM
It would be nice if people focused on their own issues. For the record, I don't send anonymous emails or blogs. The only time I had an issue I was very verbal about it.Hiding is not my style. I've never read it and I dont like that so many lives were disrupted by it. I loved my job at Tavares and left some of the best friends I will ever have there because of personal reasons. I know a lot of people complain about admin but they were always fair to me.I hope you all have a safe new year.

01-10-2010, 07:39 AM

01-10-2010, 01:47 PM
What agency did the chick go to?

01-15-2010, 10:05 PM
People must just have too much time on their hands, oh not wait.......THEY ARE PERFECT!! No one else that has judged has ever made any mistakes whether big or small. Please, concentrate on your own lives and leave everyone else alone. It's just sad how people live and love to be in on other people's issues. If I'm right there is only ONE that is qualified to judge and we will all meet HIM one day!