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04-09-2009, 04:13 PM
:devil: Cry baby Cry Baby,177 , Do you need counseling? after you got knocked the F*** out or did you need your Mama? 157, Make it right be a man and admit when you are wrong that u dont know jack. :evil:
Afternoon Shift HOW SAD ! You give the badge a bad name.

04-10-2009, 05:22 PM
I'm sure afternoon shift is happy about that giving the badge a bad name right now. Oh well, they will have no problems and they are producing no stats!! No tickets! I think they are doing a great job and being community oriented. Keep up the no 39 stats slugs!!! The crime is on the rise!!!

04-11-2009, 08:38 AM
usThe last poster very comically coined the following phrase: “The crime is on the rise!!!” The first response that elicited in me was an exuberant laugh! This hyperbolic phrase gives the impression that the whole campus is in total chaos! Anarchism rules from the parking lots to the classrooms and offices down to the halls! Lol lol lol “The crime is on the rise!!!”. Meaning, the school has collapsed, we are in disarray, violence is rampart! And evil and wickedness is pervading the campus like a bad weed that is taking over the whole garden! “The crime is on the rise!!!” this is the message of our friend, who seats in his patrol car, windows rolled up, parked at the circle, fearing for his safety, while observing how the rioted mob trashes out the whole campus! Nobody seams to care, this is the ruler of the strongest. People are being beat up, vehicles burglarized; the luminous sign at he circle is being vandalized by the cheerleaders, while the entire football team is attempting to flip the buses sidewise! Here is when our sincere friend, hysterically keys his radio and scream “Crime is on the Rise!!!” lol lol lol…. This sounds good for a Hollywood script. Lol lol lol lol however… this vision of total chaos do reminds me of a word: “Pandemonium”. The word was created by the English writer John Milton in the 17 century, and used in the II book of his Epic “Paradise Lost”. The word Pandemonium is made up of two Greek words “Pan” meaning “all” or “wider”, hence the words panorama “wider view” and pantheon “all the gods”. And daemon, “liter angel”, thus, Pandemonium means the capital of all demons, the center of hell according to Milton. Pandemonium is the place when only evil rules hence the phrase “this is Pandemonium”. And yet, I don’t believed in “The crime is on the rise!!!” sort of vision. But there is something else that might be on the rise: The negative spirit in which we deal with ourselves and our leaders. If this continues the present trend, one day, somebody tired of listening to the criticism and negativism, will park the patrol car in some corner of the campus, key the radio, and yield “This is Pandemonium!!!” lol lol lol lol The Palace of all Daemons!!! Lol lol lol