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02-27-2009, 08:12 PM
the chief is in breach of contract, why hasn't anything been done?

its the end of february and still no off duty.

the chief is playing us for fools. he just doesn't care and he knows we won't do anything.

we need to do sometihng.

04-01-2009, 05:49 PM
Now we are in April and still no Off Duties, whats the hold off now? Can anyone advise. 74, Ding Dong? :oops:

04-01-2009, 07:54 PM
The Battle for the Off Duties: Another Example of a Pyrrhic Victory.

In 280-279 BC the king Pyrrhus battled the Romans in what it came to be known as the Pyrrhic Wars. Although king Pyrrhus won the battle over the Romans, the cost of such victory was a total blunder. Plutarch coined the famous statement by Pyrrhus himself : “Another victory like this over the Romans and I am undone!” Since in this war, a lots of Pyrrhus dearest own friends and key generals lost their lives among with 75% of his entire army . Yes, he won, but the cost for this victory wasn’t practical at all. Hence in the military world the phrase “Pyrrhic Victory” means fighting and wining a war that the real looser is that one who wins. While the Romans were back on their feet in a manner of days!

Now, what does this have to do with the “Battle for the Off Dutties”? very simple. The war is not worthy at all.

An off Duty which marked unit is not provided. No many serious vendors want to have an unmarked unit. Specially, when they can pay the same rate to another agency and have a real marked unit visible on their detail. The attraction for vendors in having an off duty officers is precisely the marked unit ready visible for costumers and potential criminals to observe.

An officer using their personal vehicle for working Off Duty details is unreal. After everything is said and done, who wants to have a personal vehicle running for 6-10 hrs, overheating under the Floridian sun in an expressway, burning ones own gasoline? I bet you after 4 months of wear and tear your brand new vehicle would let you know that does not appreciate it! Neither your pocket.

Not to mention that if a Floridian driver crashes against your car while your are inside of your family vehicle watching some dvds, your insurance may refuse to cover you, since you are now using your personal vehicle for commercial purposes, bussiness related. At this point is not your personal vehicle only, is also a mean of profit, which requires you a separate policy.

Let supposed you have a 39. What would you do? Placing the 35, 43, or violent fellow where your family seats? Or to call another agency to transport the 39 to TGK? Good luck in calling a MDPD Sgt during peak hours in order to get a QRU to release one of their units so to help another agency with their “Off Duties issues”!

And, don’t forget to come by the station before and after the Off Duty in order to pick up and drop off the Radios. Very practical and easy task for an officer that most likely is working off duties on his days offs to swing by the station during midnights when is already tired.

Not to mention that the policy says that not off duty in which the image of the University might be in jeopardy is accepted. “alcohol” related places ought to be avoided, well the fact is that probably 50 % of the off duties opportunities is being sacrificed with this single statement. Lol

For all that hassle, I rather stay on campus and work on campus. The money goes into my retirement anyway, taxes is being taking care off, not problems in dealing with transporting 39’s, nor problems with 15’s if needed, and not worry about vehicles wear and tear, plus “gasoline investments”. Lol lol lol

My point is this: Lest abandon the whole project altogether! At the end of the day those $40 -$45 will be a great loss instead of a great gain. As it is… I am not interested in this type of Off Duties.

This is another Pyrrhic Victory. At the end of the day, under these circumstances nothing really beneficial has being achieved. Is not worth. Let us abandon this Off Duty Project and focus on “campus overtime”.

But I know that some individuals might disagree with my thesis. Which they are entitled to do.

The story goes that Pyrrhus did not learnt much of his experience and warred another unseccesful war against the Spartan. He fled to Argos where he was killed.

Off Dutty – another example of a Pyrrhic Victory! Nor the battle, nor the victory is worth!


03-09-2011, 11:05 PM
Hey men!!!, I heard FHP called FIU PD to offer 59 doing construction details on the turnpike, and someone 07 it.
Who could have done that? We don't need mark units to work those details, I don't mind investing and installing some lights in my POV.
How come PC has not post the Fair OT ? what is he waiting for? It's a week away from now.
123, we miss you!!!! :cry:

03-29-2011, 05:59 AM
Listen! There will never be OFF DUTIES. You guy are blinded by hopes and dreams. Untill we get a a New Chief and have all of our brass replaced...Mabe then we will be a real Police dept.

04-07-2011, 12:20 AM
You will never be a real police department. Real policemen and women do not drive in circles all day opening doors for 90K a year professor who can not carry their own keys. You jump start cars and unlock doors for a living and you think you need more money. What will happen, is, Metro will take over real law enforcement calls for service, the university will have to unock their own doors, and you will be out of work security guards. They way you ***** and complain about each other is just icing on the cake for the pencil pushers who want to do away with you. You have too much time on your hands to be considered real cops. Real cops get shot at, run call to call, never getting to eat. Real cops get it. You never will. You are sorry to say the very least. Glorified security guards with high risk retirement. That is coming to an end, believe me. FIU will be the first to do away with the police department. Not the others, they care too much about their police. You all behave like children. Who needs that. The university can better spend the money elsewhere. You hotdogs are just a liability waiting to happen. Hell, you have a triple homocide on campus and your own officers drives right by the crime scene and "sees" nothing. Please, wake up and go get a real job you can handle without complaining, like flipping burgers. Maybe dade county school police. Now, they are real cops. You could never put up with the crap they do. Just saying.............

04-07-2011, 04:14 AM
Dear “Get Real”:
Your “Realism” is delusional at best; it deserves to be described it as a majestic mixture of sheer ignorance crippled by narrow mindedness.

Now, allow me please to unpack my hermeneutical toolbox and to apply textual criticism principles to the issue at hand.

According to my exegetical work, out of the 271 words that you offered in this misbegotten product of logic, which you with so much flamboyancy have aborted before us in this rant, I noticed that six times you employed a recurring key concept or related idea: “real police X 1”, “real cop X 4” real policemen X 1”.

Which I assume, judging by your own verbatim, that must likely than not, you are very concerned with the “Reality of Police Work” as opposed to what is being done in F.I.U.

Three observations for you:

First, your realism lacks Reality.

What you described as police work is not police work per see. You are giving a summary of the whole by the behavior of one of its parts. In other words, what you described as police work is police work in MDPD, City of Miami PD, Hialeah PD, Homestead PD, L.A. PD or New York PD…etc. Still, these departments are just a small fraction of the totality of police departments in the US. Not to mention that even right here in the Metropolitan Area, the majority of PDs doesn’t sustain that full spectrum of operations that according to you describes the daily work of a real officer. In fact, is all the opposite.

Therefore, what you see in MDPD and others likewise PDs statically speaking is an abnormally and should never be taken as the “norm” but as an “isolated individual case” which should not speak by the whole. Now, let me offer a word of caution in here in order to broader your horizons; I am not saying that MDPD doesn’t do real police work, what I am saying is that they dont, encompass, embody, portray, represent, summarizes, exemplifies, encapsulate or furnish us with the only face of this profession.

Your vision of real police work is not based on reality but in a typical Hollywood action script that has nothing to do with reality at all. The rest of the PDs here in Miami Dade and in the rest of the State, or Nation, enjoy a presumable degree of respect and remuneration from the communities which they serve and protect. FIUPD should not be considered less than these others, they also have a duty to serve and protect and are hold to the same professional and moral standards than those serving elsewhere.

Second, Your Realism Lacks Knowledge.

As I said, your ignorance is colorful displayed like a rainbow across the sky when you seems not to know that FIUPD (like the majority of PDs in the US), follows a different approach to law enforcement. This approach is called: “Community Policing”. Which focus is deterrence of crime by creating strong partnership with the community it serves. Again, something so prevalent and pervasive in modern police work in these days and yet, you don’t know anything about it!

Even in our own Metropolitan area, those others PD’s that sustain a similar approach to their communities (community policing) properly remunerate their officers with higher salaries and benefits than what FIU offers to their officers. (Do some research and see for yourself).
No offense, but your conclusions are so infantile about the “reality of police work” that I think I am dealing with a mad teenager. What is that with “a real cop get shot at”???.

For your information, fortunately the majority of police officers never engage in shootings through the duration of his/her career! It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happens, but is not fair to say that “most police officers gets into shootings”.

Using your own logic, take for instance the thousands of officers who works or had worked for MDPD, for the last 5 years, then subtract those who have being involved in shootings…. How many can you really account out of those thousands in five years???....Now…we are not done yet my friend, run the same test Statewide and later Nationwide…. Now your “real cop who gets shoot at” looks much more differently than what you portray it to be …isn’t ??? lol lol lol. Again, I am not saying that there is not real dangers in this profession, ,many has lost their life and unfortunately many more will in the future. But your innuendo that a “real cop gets shoot at” is ignorance at best.

Also, notice that officers are not remunerated based only on the alleged dangers that they take every day, but in the risks and responsibility that we are bound to assumed if and when a mayhem situation arises.

Third, your Realism is Morally Dishonest.

Have you heard of “poisoning the well” ; “ad hominem” or “straw man”. “red herring” and “hasty generalizations” ? I don’t think so, not unless you have taken a class in Logic. Which I don’t think you have, since your rant is loaded with logical fallacies.

Just a few, “poisoning the well”: You come in here and ridicule right from the onset as implying that we don’t even have a logical reason as to why to exist! (yeah, don’t listen to them because they are wrong even from the moment of their conception as a department!)

“Ad Hominem” you are attacking the individuals who works in this department without
considering the real issue as why we are here in the first place. Next time attack the issue, not the people.

“straw man”: like when you make us look ignorant, inexpert, unreliable, weak and useless for later knock us down effortless in your argumentation….lol lol lol…but remember…only in your argumentation….lol lol lol

“red herring”: changing the attention of the subject which is whether the officers are being fairly compensated by the university to this none sense topic about whether we fit some sort of infantile version of hollywood script action figures.

"Get Real"; lest face it,

Your Realism Lack Reality
Your Realism Lacks Knowledge
Your Realism is Morally Dishonest

Therefore, why should anybody listen to you???

In a more positive note, I can share with you 5 Powerful Reason as Why MDPD Should never Take Control of FIU Police. Trust me I know what I am talking about. Lol lol lol lol

04-08-2011, 03:02 PM
did you forget your meds today? Turn around and drive the circle the other direction to unwind your brain. :roll:

04-09-2011, 08:16 PM
MEIN KAMPF, you must have a lot of time in your hands...! I didn't even bother reading your whole intellectual response to a "wanna be" law enforcement officer. Wow! :devil: :devil: :evil:

04-10-2011, 12:38 AM
Dear Guess;

My Response was not to you, therefore I can not comprehend why you are soo "tick" by it?

This is precisely why the majority sector of society has a low view of cops as individuals who are incapable to entertain, sustain or produce anything worth of some real intelectual value.
On the other hand, someone comes in here and make you look as useless and wastefull officer and yet, you dont say a word. I come in here and write a response to this mad kid in our deffense and your reaction is to attack me. It seems to me that you feel more offended by my intelectual approach to this issue than by the very individual who calls you all kind of epithets degrading you, Are you jealous of me??? lol lol lol
And not, I dont have much free time in my hand, I am sure that I have a busier lifestyle than that one you would ever have in your life (since I DO actually do other things than just driving arround the circle).

Just remember, what migth require you an ion to come up with it migth requiere me just a few minutes to complete it.

And...an advise....dont understimate the opinions of individuals like this "mad kid", in the world of politics everything is possible, including the getting rid of us as police departments. The dessitions about public safesty are not made by public safety experts but by polititians who by the way, only care for themself in that particular time in history.

If you value your future in this place, dont allow a clown to sway the public opinion against our very presence in here withouht being confronted with the facts.

Remember this, in the western civilization there is no more politicians than in the accademic enviroments! and therefore we are more exposed and subject to the craftiness of politics than any other police department out there.

At your service,