View Full Version : Get out to Vote or Request an Absentee Ballot

07-23-2008, 10:26 PM
Get registered to vote if you haven't already. Get informed about local candidates. Request your Absentee Ballot Now! or Vote Election Day August 26, 2008

Vote- Kevin Beckner, Hillsborough County Commission District 6- County Wide
Vote- Stephen Gorham, School Board
Vote- Susan Valdes, School Board
Vote- Miriam Velez, Judge
Vote- Catherine Catlin, Judge
Vote- Caroline Tesche, Judge
Vote - Lisa Campbell, Judge

You should be able to look up any of these candidates by name on the web for more information, but they are all qualified candidates and better than what is currently representing you and I. Laughing [/b]

07-25-2008, 07:48 PM
My name is Craig Catlin and I am a Gang Detective with North Miami Beach Police. Thanks to whoever listed my sister Catherine Catlin as the more qualified candidate for Judge (Group 7). Since I work in the COUNTRY of Dade County, I have had many conversations with Catherine about our criminal court system. She is running against Judge Kevin Carey because replacing Carey would be an improvement. Google both their names to find out or check out robeprobe.com or flfamilycourt.com. Since most of us are not going to take the time to vote, please request an Absentee Ballot at www.votehillsborough.org (http://www.votehillsborough.org). I would appreciate the support. If you have any questions, call me on my work cell at 786-985-9316. Thanks for reading.