View Full Version : Schools Police needs your help and support.

05-15-2008, 11:15 PM
Hello fellow men and women in blue, gray, green, brown, etc.

The Miami Dade Schools Police Department needs your help. The School Board of Miami Dade County is threatening the jobs of MDSPD Officers. I would imagine most of you have absolutely no interest in responding to calls in schools, not to mention the staff and students you would have to deal with. Well, if the school board has their way, you may not have a choice. I would also imagine many of you have family members that attend these same public schools that we protect. Will you be comfortable knowing that there will no longer be an officer so close by to handle potential dangerous calls inside a school?

MDSPD's Officers have been grossly underpaid and mistreated since the inception of the department and we have continued to do the job with little complaints. Well, we will stand quietly by no longer!

We have 15'd with each other on every type of call imaginable and we will continue to do so, but now we are asking for 15s to assist us in a brutal fight, a fight for our jobs.

This is a call to arms, the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department, FOP Lodge 133, requests your attendance and assistance in protesting side by side with us at the School Board Administration Building (1450 NE 2nd Ave) on Wednesday May 21st, 2008 between the hours of 1300 - 1900.
There may come a time, although I hope it never comes, that you may ask the same favor of us. We will be there in full support of whatever you will need. We have all stood together side by side so many times before, please find time to stand with us again. The members of FOP Lodge 133 will not soon forget your help!!!

From the bottom of all of our hearts, especially mine… Thanks in advance for any assistance and support!!

Fraternally yours,

Officer and FOP Trustee Nick Virgin

ps – If you are unable to attend but would still like to help, please feel free to contact your local school board member and express your dislike ( call 305-995-1000 and ask to speak to the school board member that represents your area or go to http://www2.dadeschools.net/schoolboard/bdmembers.asp and e-mail them). You can also contact your community leaders, political leaders, MDSPD District offices, etc and express your concerns of what will come of the safety of our students, our future if our presence is no longer on campus.