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12-11-2007, 06:09 PM
Celebration of audit results unwarranted
Issue date: 12/7/07 Section: OpinionPrintEmail DoubleClick Any Word Page 1 of 1 USF may want to wait before popping the cork on any champagne bottles and delay any celebration based on the results of the audit on Vice President of Student Affairs Jennifer Meningall.

USF spokesman Ken Gullette sent an e-mail to USF faculty and staff titled "Meningall Cleared of Wrongdoing - A University Statement" on Nov. 5. The title, like much of the language included in the text of the e-mail, is misleading.

One primary misdirection is the claim that Meningall has been cleared of all the accusations that were made against her. The audit that was presented recently by the University Audit and Compliance was only related to accusations of financial impropriety under Meningall. The e-mail that spurred the audit, sent by James Dragna, also accused Meningall of other violations, including slapping an employee and intimidation.

The audit itself does not award Meningall a clean slate. According to the report, there appears to be many questions that have yet to be properly answered regarding the financial aspect of Dragna's claims. Accusations that "hiring a security consultant was a waste of resources," valued at $13,000, were unfounded. However, the accusation that more than $1.1 million of "carry-forward funds went toward salaries" inappropriately was proven to be true. Similarly, the accusation that "the 2 percent auxiliary assessment was an inappropriate use of student fees, worth more than $1.5 million, was also inconclusive.

It is hard to determine what report USF is boasting about when the most serious offenses were proven to be true or were unable to be proven otherwise.

Gullette's e-mail also states that Dragna did not follow the appropriate measures in how he handled his concerns about the department. Genshaft is quick to deem him a character assassin. However, Dragna mentions in the e-mail that he had contacted other offices, and that the e-mail was a last resort. It wasn't until the e-mail was sent to the public that USF took the initiative to conduct an audit. Even then, they chose to do it internally, which leaves many outside of the department suspicious.

The e-mail contained a laundry list of other concerns regarding Meningall, including employee intimidation. When the Oracle questioned directors of her office regarding the fact that they were unaware of anyone who was audited for the report, they requested anonymity to ensure their job safety.

It is clear that USF has become more concerned with details of policy and procedure than it is with ethics. If nothing else, USF's celebratory e-mail is quite premature.


12-11-2007, 06:43 PM
USF continues ill will tour of employee unions
Issue date: 12/5/07 Section: OpinionPrintEmail DoubleClick Any Word Page 1 of 1 During the past few years, USF has shown remarkable determination in its attempt to alienate every employee union with which it negotiates.

In April, the faculty union came to an agreement on a new contact after 10 months of debate.

The Oracle has chronicled the fruitless negotiations between USF and the Police Benevolent Association for the University Police. The situation now borders on an impasse. Though the recruitment and retention of quality officers is at stake, throughout the process USF has declined to show the urgency expected to provide UP with what they need to be as effective as possible.

Now, another union has found dealing with USF to be next to impossible. The St. Petersburg Times reported on its Web site that they had received an e-mail that was sent to members of the USF staff union.

The e-mail informs union members that the union has requested a federal mediator to intervene in the negotiations. The e-mail makes note of USF's disturbing stance in regard to a third party. USF is refusing to involve a mediator, but the administration reportedly lacks interest in resolving negotiations through other avenues.

The contract negotiations between these two parties have been taking place for three years. The ineptitude to come to terms with a union that represents more than 2,000 USF staff members reflects negatively on the school.

The more USF frustrates employee unions, the more its image is tarnished as an employer. As it stands, USF is becoming a place where high-quality employees will no longer desire to work.

As the University expands its sphere of influence, there are many who wait for USF to show respect to those who have made its progress possible. While those in charge of the bargaining are willing to drag their feet, these unions represent employees who don't have the time or money to waste.

USF's inability to come to terms with these vital organizations displays once again that the school seriously needs to reassess its priorities. There is no chance of USF ever reaching its academic and research goals if it continues to ostracize those who make their success possible.

The Student Reporters at the Oracle should be commended for their work for staying on top of this issue. We all know that USF "higher ups" read this site quite often, so enjoy folks........we'll continue to keep getting the word out :D

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