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11-14-2007, 02:18 PM
New line of underwear sold in North Port

NORTH PORT -- When William Curtis became fed up with the discomfort of his underwear, he didn't seek out a different brand. Instead he decided to make his own.

"It was time to change things up," the North Port resident said before launching Stunt Gear Inc., an online store for men's briefs which is quickly becoming popular throughout the North Port area.

With a two-inch wide waistband, the Stunt Gear collection offers regular, hip, and boxer briefs for men only.

"They are unique, comfortable, stylish, and the quality is unmatched compared to what's out there," Curtis said.

Currently, the briefs range from $16 to $20 and are only available in black or white or with a red waistband in sizes small, medium or large, but their designer has been working hard to bring new options to the market.

"My 2008 spring collection is ready," Curtis said. "I'm just waiting on the samples to display on the online store."

Soon larger sizes, a variety of colors and new styles, including a bikini and a shorter boxer, will be available. Eventually the briefs will cost from $15 to $25.

"You can get cheaper underwear at Target, but the quality won't be but a fraction of what you get with Stunt Gear briefs," Curtis said. "My fabric is much better."

Even girls are loving them.

"I've gotten a big response from the male customers, but also from women," Curtis said. "A lot of girls have told me they're wearing them around the house and they've asked me to start a women's line."

Whether this will happen is uncertain.

"Anything is possible," Curtis said.

For the moment, he just hopes Stunt Gear continues to gain success and perhaps eventually it will become a major line of men's briefs sold in either its own store or in a retail store.

Setting up Stunt Gear online itself was a lot of work and "a little pricey" for Curtis, who not only has to satisfy his online customers but also the ones at his day job as a hairstylist.

Curtis has been working for more than 20 years in the hair and beauty industry, and currently works for the New York Hair Company in Venice.

"I'm up at 5 a.m. working on Stunt Gear, then I go to work, and after work I stay up until midnight working," Curtis said. "But if you believe in what you're doing, all the hard work is worth it."

Stunt Gear wasn't developed overnight. Curtis spent more than two years planning and researching. Before jumping into the world of entrepreneurs in October, he took a trip across the world.

"I personally went out the Philippines to see my factory and make sure no children were working there," Curtis said. "As a matter of fact, the factory I chose to make the briefs belongs to WRAP."

WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production. This global organization promotes humane, ethical, and lawful conditions and practices in manufacturing facilities.

It does this by making sure procedures concerning fair pay, workers' dignity, and safe work settings meet WRAP's high standards.

According to Curtis, his factory wasn't required to join WRAP, but did anyway.

He said Stunt Gear was developed out of necessity when he noticed the men's line of briefs was very limited in styles and lacked quality.

"Stunt Gear briefs don't look crazy; they have the traditional look, but when you wear them you'll feel the difference," he added.

Curtis wants to hear feedback from previous and potential customers. To give your input, purchase Stunt Gear briefs, or for more information and to view the line, visit www.stuntgear.net (http://www.stuntgear.net).

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Old Guy
11-15-2007, 02:24 PM
$16.00 each!, are you crazy. If you think people can afford $16 a pop for these underwear, you are crazy. Do you know how many pairs you can get at Walmart for $16? A hell of a lot more than ONE....