View Full Version : Great Turnout tonight at City Hall!

11-07-2007, 12:43 AM
Folks, that was, by far, the best turn-out I've ever seen at one of these types of labor rallies for our FOP. Well organized, professional, polite yet I think our message came thru LOUD and CLEAR. Certainly the large quantity officers and sergeants &, gosh, did I happen to see about 9-10 captains and 4-5 lieutenants? Why I surely did! Great to see the unity! I also think Jack did a great job of showing his leadership tonite.

It was kind of funny tho to see the looks on the faces of the department's senior managers, especially when we all started applauding....I think we got everyone's attention on that one. Should make for good video.

And what about the FLFD members that showed up? They deserve a round of applause too.