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10-17-2007, 02:14 AM
Just some advice for an active FLPD (road) and maybe old officer. We should all voice our opinions on this site if we wish to do so but remember that so many that post here are not from here. In fact how do we know where they are from? I also have trouble believing that just because itís posted here makes it true. I would submit to my brother officers that we use caution on taking shots at other rank and file officers. I believe that staff would love to see us feed on each other and hurt each other. You always hear that our worst enemy is ourselves. I know this is hard to manage when so many have legitimate issues. I just hope we can keep this in mind.
I thought of this after I read the Wiltion Manors post tonight. While I have no idea what goes on there, some of the things that are posted are just wrong to say on a web site that is viewed by the public. What if 50 % is made up? What if only 10 % is made up? Then the lies become truth. My concern is FLPD since WMPD post appear to be out of control. I hope we can continue to post as we wish but with more class than anyone else since no matter what they try to take from us, we will always be FLPD to the end. That end maybe BSO but until then I am still old school FLPD.
Thanks for at least considering. Be safe!!!

10-17-2007, 03:14 AM
Very well said and thanks.

10-17-2007, 02:40 PM
amen well said........

10-18-2007, 04:12 AM
but remember that so many that post here are not from here.

How do we know you work for FLPD????? After all, just like most of us youíre posting as a guess not as a register member? The other point is that the founders of this forum envision the Nazism that goes on with some PDs and open a forum where people can speak their minds off. I will agree that many are spreading rumors and starting fires that are getting out of hand.

Yet thereís an eerie truth in many of the post in this forum. I guess we could do like China and Iran and censor this forum. We would find those people behind the IPs and bring them before the IA FORUM, prosecute them and hangíum. Perhaps we could change the First Amendment to: ďFreedom of Speech; except on LEOAFFAIRSĒ.

10-18-2007, 07:47 PM
I am disappointed that you viewed my response that way but I understand. You are correct I could be from anywhere but I have been here for my 20 to date. I was here for the brown and I am still here after the blue. I had what looked like a homemade box on the floor in my patrol car that turned on the old light bars with black switches when I started. A nasty old grey radio with, if you were lucky had a 10-91 and 10-92 channel that worked. My mic was attached with a rubber band to my shirt. I worked the west 50s for those that know what that was. I find your response interesting. I donít think anyone really wants to paste there name all over the internet. At least I donít. As a registered user am I safe from anyone ever getting that information? Maybe but I donít think so. This site certainly offers a place to exchange useful information but it is also a business that has an interest in how many hits they get. Thatís ok since it cost money to run and maintain a site.

I made my comments in the spirit of free speech like everyone here and I did not see any words that I wrote that would prohibit free speech. I never suggested to stop posting but I did say to use class because I think we are some of the best cops anywhere no matter what anyone says or does to us. Things have changed and they are not what they were but some are going to stay here and others will leave. You canít blame them if they do. Itís all a choice. My IBM gives me the right to offer an opinion and if anyone has one they should do the same if they feel the need.

You use the words Nazism which I think falls into another class. Again my view and your view. They both have a place here. I respect your thoughts and opinion. I donít know about china or Iran but I do know that the cops here are first class and we all are hoping for better times and a real contract. I think the rest is a matter of choice to see what to do next. Be safe.