Greg Stout
10-12-2007, 03:16 AM
Dear Fellow Tampa Police Officers and PBA Members:

On Tuesday, October 9, 2007 I responded to an anonymous post on Leo Affairs.com. At the end of the response I gave this quote: ?This election is one week away and I fully expect our opponents to pull out the stops. We have not and will not roll in the mud with them or you, period.? I have said repeatedly that our group, Pat Lynch, Jim Meier, Chip DeBlock and me, Greg Stout are taking the high road, no matter what they say about us.

Today, Thursday, October 11, 2007, two days after my prediction, Kevin fulfilled my prophecy and a new blue handbill made its way across each district. Kevin and his PBA printing press have been at it again. The paper is titled, ?The Facts Speak For Themselves.? That sentence is accurate, but most of the rest of the blue sheet is not.

We have clearly discussed all most all of his handbill issues on our website, www.takebackyourpba.com (http://www.takebackyourpba.com). They are addressed. Please feel free to review it. Kevin appears to believe that I am making anonymous posts on LeoAffairs.com. That is not true. Since June 25, 2007, I have personally posted thirty-eight times on LeoAffairs.Com. Each and every time I have used my own name. There is no need or reason for me to post anonymously because I have said every thing in the open to hundreds of Tampa Police Officers, at roll calls across the city. If Kevin doesn?t like what is said, he has every opportunity to register and post anything he likes on LeoAffairs.com as well.

Kevin believes that we have no plan in place to take back the PBA and then run it successfully. I invite you to look at our ?100 Day Plan.? I know Kevin has and must like it because as I discussed previously, he has already begun to implement parts of it. That will make our job easier on January 1.

I was surprised to learn that I was the ?co-author,? of the current constitution and by-laws. I had to call the real author, Jeff Stull, our PBA attorney, to see if I was in trouble for plagiarizing his legal work. As every one including Kevin knows, Mr. Stull was the only author of the constitution and by-laws. The entire Tampa Police Board of Directors certainly had briefings along the way during the drafting of the constitution. We all gave some input I?m sure, but if you believe I am the co-author of the PBA Constitution and By-Laws, you would also have to believe that the IRS is here to help you.

I do want to finish this post by taking the time to personally thank Kevin for trying to emulate my writing ability. On October 1, 2007, I included this in my open letter to all of you: ?There is an old axiom that I picked up during some political science classes I attended. It goes something like this, ?When you can?t talk about the issues talk about the candidate.?? Well today, fresh off of Kevin?s PBA printing press he concluded his blue sheet by saying, ?In our business, it?s an ancient formula: If you can?t attack the accomplishments and achievements, attack the individual.? Kevin, I am available for more quotes, feel free to call!

The facts speak for themselves!

The true power of the PBA belongs to its members. Exercise your rights and vote October 16-17, 2007.

Till next time,

Greg Stout