10-04-2007, 02:57 AM
Well here is one of the reasons we are not getting a raise. I hope the Media JUMPS ALL OVER THIS. Lets get this guy in front of some cameras. Free wheel spending on Collins Blvd. As SANDY sits there at our meetings with her BullSh*t look of concern, what does she care, she has a six figure salary and we are just one step above a custodian.

Looks like the PD is not the sinking ship now.....better get the life boats over to Collins Blvd fast!!!!

Heres the smoking gun:

Over the last two months, I have informed the USF General Counsel, through my attorney, of my report to the Office of the President depicting improper university activities, including possible unethical and illegal actions, by Jennifer Meningall in her role as USF Vice President of Student Affairs. As stated, Jennifer Meningall?s inappropriate decisions negatively impacted many Student Affairs? personnel, programs and services, and, in doing so, compromised the safety, health, and education of USF students. In an effort to resolve these matters internally, I have not initiated contact or discussion with colleagues concerning these issues in order to protect a possible university-wide investigation or evoke alliances that could serve to polarize the Division of Student Affairs. I now have an opportunity to express my significant concerns and ask that you read this factual yet brief description concerning a straightforward undertaking to gain a just resolution.

At the end of July, I reported to Human Resources, and, with their advice, the Office of the President, my observations of ongoing improper behavior on the part of the USF Vice President of Student Affairs, Jennifer Meningall. These behaviors were serious violations of financial and human resource rules, regulations, and guidelines that presented ethical, legal, and moral consequences. Furthermore, these behaviors, by their insidious nature, were not overtly apparent to the university community. Over a one year timeframe, internal attempts by me and others to discuss these grave issues with Jennifer Meningall in the hope of amending her actions proved, at best, ineffective. In July, I was prompted to report my concerns to the university in the face of Jennifer Meningall?s exacerbating statements and calculable actions directed at needlessly terminating additional employees. My report to Sandy Lovins, Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Cynthia Visot, Chief of Staff for President Judy Genshaft, included some of the following:

Jennifer Meningall, in her role as Vice President of USF Student Affairs, grossly mismanaged a segment of university funds totaling over $750,000 during the 06-07 fiscal year. On at least one occasion, monies were used for personal gain by Jennifer Meningall. Additional monies totaling in excess of $600,000 were diverted from critical health and safety university departments to offset unnecessary overspending.

Jennifer Meningall, in her role as Vice President of USF Student Affairs, excessively utilized external consultants in the 05-06 and 06-07 fiscal year totaling in excess of $300,000.

During the academic year 06-07, Jennifer Meningall, in her role as Vice President of USF Student Affairs, demonstrated increasingly threatening, hostile, and mistrustful behavior toward employees including slapping one employee in a humiliating manner. Since my report (July, 07) of my concern for Jennifer Meningall?s potential aggressive and violent behavior patterns, she threatened an additional three employees by initiating abusive verbal interactions coupled with threatening physical posturing. For at least one employee, Jennifer Meningall?s senseless actions led to painful consequences. Note that, over a one year period (06-07), Jennifer Meningall demonstrated increasing frequencies of dysfunctional behaviors that included fabrication of events, distortion of factual information, memory lapses, mistrust and suspicion of others, labile emotional states, isolative and defensive decision-making, inhibited action responses and, as noted, aggressive interpersonal interactions.

Jennifer Meningall, in her role as Vice President of USF Student Affairs, conducted improper candidate searches and selections for key positions in the Division of Student Affairs. In one case, a friend and colleague of Jennifer Meningall was hired for a USF position without appropriate demonstrated experience or university search process. Ultimately, Jennifer Meningall fraudulently overstated this individual?s contributions to the university in order to renew the appointment. In another case, an acquaintance and colleague was hired without search for a Student Affairs position. This individual eventually was appointed by Jennifer Meningall to an interim position in administrative support. This new position was made vacant by Jennifer Meningall?s action of terminating an employee who had been promoted after approximately one month of superior performance. After forcing the employee to immediately leave the position and premises, Jennifer Meningall called the employee and suggested that he resign to save the embarrassment of termination.

In 06-07, Jennifer Meningall demonstrated racial and gender bias including demeaning references to males in both private and public conversations. Her hiring and terminating practices show evidence of discrimination as questioned by the Office of the President personnel. In private conversations, senior administrators, staff, and students were oftentimes described by Jennifer Meningall in highly demeaning and pejorative terms.

After outlining these and other observations to the Office of the President, I was encouraged to meet with President Genshaft, who also serves as my supervisor?s supervisor, to both further discuss these matters and plan a remedial course of action. I sought a supervisor?s intervention because of Jennifer Meningall?s resistance in responding to pending concerns and propensity in retaliating against subordinates. My intention was to suggest that Jennifer Meningall be afforded additional supervisory support including emotional/behavioral assessment, educational intervention with constructive action and, as a systemic response, review of Student Affairs employees who had been terminated, resigned, relocated or referred for reprimand. Note that in a one year period, ten employees out of a total ten person workforce within Jennifer Meningall?s immediate office suite had such actions enacted. As a member of this administrative suite and only occupying my position for less than one year, I hold the third highest seniority rating based on employment date.

In the light of these observations and upon further consideration, President Genshaft withdrew her invitation for a meeting and referred me to USF General Counsel. A few days after my meeting with the Office of the President, Jennifer Meningall advised me that my appointment would not be renewed based solely, in her own words, ?on my conversation and meeting with ?Cindy? Visot (Office of the President)?. It is important to note that the day before my interaction with Jennifer Meningall when she abruptly directed my non-reappointment, I had been assured by her that I was to be reappointed to my position for the upcoming year.

I now carry a non-reappointed letter with an ending date of October 25th based solely on my reporting my concerns to the Office of the President. It is unfortunate that President Genshaft removed herself from further considering my report of potential ethical and legal university infractions that may so affect the lives of our students and staff as well as the integrity of the institution. Within a brief period of time, I have grown quite fond of USF and many of its dedicated students, faculty and staff. In spite of the now obvious internal obstacles, I remain committed to continuing my employment at USF and serving in the capacity of a staff, faculty, and/or applied researcher within the fields of student and academic support. I hope that President Genshaft reconsiders her position based on the information within this correspondence and decisively acts to change the course of this story and its implications.

Unfortunately, as delays continue in my conversations with the university, I am forced to seek outside investigative support in order to effect change and protect others from the negative consequences of university mismanagement and negligence. Know truly that my family and I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support and unyielding patience from people all across the university community. In the weeks ahead, I will take my observations, documentation, and testimonials to university students, faculty, and staff groups as well as governing boards and community media. I will articulate a message that positive change, borne of open disclosure, is both desirable and possible for this university and its constituents. Thank you all.

Note that I encourage you to forward this e-mail to interested individuals and welcome your comments as well as additional information at jamesdragna@sa.usf.edu or jamesdragna@yahoo.com and/or 4- or 813-957-

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