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Greg Stout
10-01-2007, 11:15 PM
October 1, 2007

Dear Fellow Tampa Police Officers and PBA Members:

It is just fifteen days to the beginning of a fresh start at our PBA. The takebackyourPBA movement is rolling right along and we are seeing a lot of optimism where we once saw despair. We have been steadily addressing roll calls from early in the morning until late at night and it is extremely heartening to see all of you dedicated and hard working men and women who hold this profession proudly and are merely seeking a fair shake when it comes to dealing with the management of the police department. We are too. I believe that the majority of the department is probably under age thirty, including my son, Officer Mike Stout in District III, SAC. You are all the real future of TPD.

In my assignment as a CIB Detective, I had the honor of working several dignitary protection details for General Tommy Franks when he was here in Tampa. He repeatedly said that one only need to look at law enforcement officers and soldiers to see the best of this generation and I believe every word of that.

This coming election is about positive change for the better. There is an old axiom that I picked up during some political science classes I attended. It goes something like this, ?When you can?t talk about the issues talk about the candidate.? I know that is happening at the roll calls being attended by Kevin Durkin. I have said before that regardless of what the other candidates are saying about our group, Pat Lynch, Jimmy Meier, Chip DeBlock and me, we are not and will not sling mud. We are going to address issues and the truth should shine right on through. You are all wise enough to see it. Here is just one issue: Ask yourself the last time you saw a PBA board member in your roll call, other than at election time. Here is a promise: That will all change shortly. Here is another question for you. There are currently fourteen PBA Board Members at TPD. Can you name them? I?ll bet not more than one or two. Their name is nowhere on the PBA Web Site. Most of them have no PBA e-mail and how would you find them? That will all change shortly. I can guarantee it when our group is elected.

I know that Kevin is a diehard fan of the New York Yankees and likes to quote his hero?s. My guess is that he is currently following the sage advice of three-time MVP and Hall of Famer Yogi Berra, ?When you come to a fork in the road, take it.?

Until next time,

Greg Stout