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Greg Stout
09-24-2007, 01:17 AM
September 23, 2007

Dear Fellow Tampa Police Officers and PBA Members:
It has been another great week for the takebackyourpba movement. We were in several roll calls across District One and spoke to quite a few officers there. Pat Lynch copied down several questions that were asked of us and posted them on our website, along with our answers. Please feel free to check them out and get our views on the issues. For all officers in District?s Two and Three we are coming to you soon.

This is a seminal moment for me. Kevin Durkin has posted some negative comments about me this past week on the official WCFPBA Web Site and made comments in roll calls about our entire group, Pat Lynch, Jimmy Meier, Chip DeBlock and me. I suppose that I could respond with equally negative comments and wallow in the mud with Kevin, but I choose not to. This is an election that is about issues and should not be clouded with innuendo.

Very simply your vote for us will ensure the following:

? Stopping secret meetings that are not posted on the PBA website in direct conflict with their own constitution and by-laws.

? Stopping the $25,000.00 annual presidential stipend as well as any others that may exist without our knowledge.

? Stopping the blatant withholding of information from our own board of directors.

? Stopping the credit card, cell phone and take home car program for the PBA secretary or administrator, or what ever they choose to call her.

? Stopping the spending without board knowledge.

? Adding an in-house attorney and giving any PBA member an immediate discount for personal legal services.

? Opening up the books and showing our finances.

? Being open and accountable to you, our members.

? Finding every available option for health care.

? Putting our plans in writing for you to see and to hold our feet to the fire.

? Auditing the PBA books on day one to give us a starting point.

And finally, making you proud to be a PBA member again. I have said before that I came from a Sheriff?s Office. I know just what it is like to work for one. It compares to Tampa Street, One Way! When I came to TPD and read our PBA contract, I know that I must have given or sent at least twenty of our contract books to my former co-workers to show them all the rights I suddenly had. I was elated. Any of you who came from another police department without PBA representation must have felt that way when you arrived here too. I want that feeling again and we can have it back.

The election is just weeks away, October 16 and 17, 2007. Please join with us,
Greg Stout for President, Pat Lynch for Senior Vice-President, Jimmy Meier for Second Vice-President and Chip DeBlock for Secretary.

Make them listen to us. Take back your PBA!

Thank you,

Greg Stout

09-24-2007, 03:32 AM
Did anyone else miss the WDFPBA election presentations given at our briefings, or was it just me.... Hmmm.