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09-11-2007, 02:06 AM
"If we keep together we shall be safe, and when error is so apparent as to become visible to the majority, they will correct it."
Thomas Jefferson

Mr. Jefferson was absolutely right when he said those words more than two hundred years ago. An election is coming very soon and a majority of Tampa Police Officers can correct year?s of errors in a single vote. Very simply stated, these are the errors:

Secret meetings in violation of the WCFPBA Constitution and By-laws

Back door deals for an Executive Director position meant to be a golden parachute that combining retirement & the new salary would equal $140,000.00 yearly for that position.

A $25,000.00 annual stipend for the president of the PBA to simply manage day to day business.

A part time secretary making over $58,000.00 yearly and provided a take home car driven daily to Pinellas County.

TPD Officers paying the highest union dues in three counties.

Unbridled spending of our dues.

The consistent withholding of vital information from the PBA President to the Tampa Police Chapter Board of Directors.

Endorsements of politicians with questionable character.

Low quality flyers substituting for ?The Badge & Labor,? union newspaper that we use to receive and deserve.

Very simply stated these are the corrections that you will see immediately:

All notices of meetings posted on the WCFPBA Web Site as required by the constitution and By-Laws.

No stipend for the president or any other position at the Tampa Police Chapter.

A full time administrator chosen for their work ethic and ability, (They will need to provide their own transportation!)

A dues study to level the playing field of one price for the same service we provide all members.

Any spending over $1,000.00 WILL require board approval.

Constant and consistent information being sent to the board of directors about all PBA business.

Endorsements of all candidates completed only within the rules and guidelines of the WCFPBA constitution and by-laws.

This most important election will be on Tuesday & Wednesday October 16 & 17, 2007.

You will be able to correct the errors of the past and bring sweeping changes for the future.

You will also receive an immediate steering committee that includes our candidates who cannot run at this time, as well as any Tampa Police Officer who wants to be a part of positive change in the way we do business. This group will sit on committees, do research and help implement policies and plans of action on every subject that is brought before the Tampa Police Chapter Board of the PBA.


Greg Stout for President
Pat Lynch for Senior Vice-President
Jimmy Meier for Second Vice-President
Chip DeBlock for Secretary
Until next time,

Greg Stout