View Full Version : Then and Now

09-02-2007, 04:57 AM
I worked for the PD for 22 years and retired in 2004. I do stay in contact with several working officer's and I don't hear to much good news.

When I started, there were few rules,.. " dont be a slug " and " go out and lock up the bad guy's " If you worked, the boss's generally left you alone. I can remember having Sgt.s checkalleys to make sure you patrolled your zone,... and if the saw you running up and down the main roads on the midnight shift unless it was to get to a call or backup, you'd hear about it. But, if you were TRAINED properly by an EXPERIANCED policeman, you already were aware of such things.

It is sad to see a once proud police department in the state of affairs that it is in. No one individual can be blamed as it has taken many years and numerous piss poor administrations to accomplish this tragedy. For those of you still there that can remember the good ole' days, get out as soon as you can and enjoy retirement and being away from the job. For those of you too young, these are your good ole' days. Good luck. :wink: