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08-06-2007, 06:42 PM
Keep him in your Prayers and stay safe

Broward Sheriff's Deputy Shot; Suspect In Custody
HOLLYWOOD, Fla. -- A motorcyclist shot a Broward County sheriff's deputy Monday after he was pulled over during a routine traffic stop, authorities said.The deputy, who was not identified, is in critical condition.

The deputy was working with the Selective Enforcement Team when he stopped the motorcyclist at about 11:50 a.m. near Southwest 40th Avenue on Pembroke Road. The Broward Sheriff's Office said the suspect fled on foot, then turned around and shot the deputy.

Witnesses said they saw the deputy bending over and bleeding.

Hollywood police arrested the gunman moments later at a nearby condominium on Hill Crest Drive, officials said. His name was not released.

Nearly a dozen officers and rescue workers helped load the deputy onto a stretcher to be brought to Memorial Regional Hospital. He was not in uniform at the time and was wearing shorts and shoes, without a shirt.

Sheriff Ken Jenne is at the hospital with him.

"He is in grave condition at this point," sheriff's spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright said.

Dozens of marked and unmarked patrol cars surrounded the scene. The deputy's brother works with nearby Hallandale Police Department, which also responded to the call, she said.

"I have to tell you, officers, deputies, they know every day that they're putting their lives on the line to protect residents and visitors of Broward County," Coleman-Wright said. "And when you hear that call come out, 'Deputy down,' it sends law enforcement officers, whoever is available from all over to find out exactly what happened and what's going on. So it's a very emotional scene this afternoon."