View Full Version : The shot in the head, after the kool aid drink....

08-06-2007, 04:02 AM
Reality...(especially for you newer employees) Heard it from a good source, unilateral pay raises are not going to happen. There will be no pay raises given to the UP besides what is given to the average custodian by the state. However, the PBA will approve selective pay raises, the people representing you now have got the bennifts of a selective bonus check in the past.

They have and will continue to be given out to UP employees based upon merit. Merit, the popularity game. This has been going on for a few years, since the department joined the PBA a few years back. Unilateral pay raises are not going to happen under this PBA representation, but dont be suprised, merit pay raises have been allowed under this PBA and have been the norm for the last eight years or so. The FOP would not allow these selective pay raises....union is looked at as strong. The way it is now, most of you will not see any pay raises in the near future, but you can still get a pay raise if you become merit worthy (the popularity contest, besides the obvious ones, check the state employee pay site for the hidden ones), or fit the way they want to give out pay raises in the future.