07-30-2007, 09:42 PM
Deputy fighting for his life, in need of an operation.

http://www.deputydown.com then click on Ryan Senkier's site for information on what he's going through. For those that don't know...

Ryan Senkier is a 32-year-old Deputy Sheriff with the Palm Beach County Sheriff?s Office. Ryan is also a veteran of the US Army 82nd Airborne Infantry Division. In February of 2007, Ryan entered the hospital for routine hernia surgery and was later found to have a very rare and aggressive form of cancer. Ryan has been diagnosed and is currently receiving treatment for Metastatic Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma. The disease is so rare that few physicians know much about it, and few research dollars have been allocated in seeking a cure. For the highest likelihood of survival, Ryan must undergo an aggressive surgery in September of 2007. Dr. Paul Sugarbaker of the Washington Cancer Institute will be performing this surgical procedure. Due to the complexity and rarity of this surgery, insurance will only be covering a portion of the expense.

Ryan?s PBSO family is asking for assistance in helping to defray costs Ryan will incur including remaining medical expenses, travel, and lodging.

Gifts and donations will be used in a raffle/auction with all proceeds going to Ryan and his family. Monetary donations can be made at any:

Washington Mutual Bank ? ?D/S Ryan Senkier Fight Cancer Fund?.

For questions, pick-up of gifts or donations please contact:

Sgt. Beth Krivda (561) 436-6727 / krivdab@pbso.org

Sgt. Alex Perez (561) 312-1037 / perezal@pbso.org

For future events and updates on Ryan, please go to www.deputydown.com (http://www.deputydown.com) and click on Ryan?s name.

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