07-04-2007, 04:42 PM
This is a reprint of Greg Stout?s post:

July 4, 2007

To All Members of the Tampa Police Department and West Central Florida PBA:

I recently wrote a letter based on accurate information that I received from Corporal Pat Lynch?s post on LEOAFFAIRS.COM. Corporal Lynch attended a June Charter Board meeting of the PBA and became aware for the first time that the Board of Directors was preparing to hand tailor a position for Kevin Durkin to slide into when he retired from TPD. The new position is called ?Executive Director.? No one is sure what the job is because there is no job description for it. What is known is that it will be a five year contract between the PBA and Kevin Durkin and it will pay Senior Detective salary. In that same meeting, the board also nominated several people for a Life Membership into the PBA. They have explained that the title is a harmless one, which merely recognizes the work of past board members. What they failed to explain was that this ?title,? comes with a provision that a Life Member can hold office at the PBA as a retiree, continuing their dynasty for as long as they can keep their board voting the way they want them to.

Luckily for us all, Pat could not keep that kind of information a secret as the Board of Directors planned. When he spread the word I sought him out to verify the information. It was all true. I launched a plan to stop this scheme because it smacks of cronyism. If we subscribe to the idea that the PBA needs an Executive Director, then what reasoning can they possibly give to simply anoint Kevin Durkin to that post without at least looking for a more qualified candidate?

I posted a letter on LEOAFFAIRS asking any Tampa Police Officer to send an E-Mail to the board voicing their objection to the Executive Director Plan. Over one hundred of us did. At the June PBA Board meeting over thirty-five of us came in person to voice our displeasure to the board. They heard us, thanked us, and then voted for the Executive Director Position and the Life Memberships. In my book it was their final act of arrogance. We simply cannot allow them to do what they want, when they want, without our consent.

As of today, a group of eleven Tampa Police Officers have stood up to say no more! Our group intends to run for election to eleven of the open positions on the Tampa Police Chapter Board scheduled in September.

Who are we? What is our platform? What will we do? Turn your web browser to:


And see for your self! You will see all eleven of us in person very shortly. Let?s make this election a record turnout so we can give them the final vote!

Thank you,

Greg Stout