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06-11-2007, 02:01 PM
North Port trash fee likely going up
North Port public works chief expected to ask for boost, based on advice

NORTH PORT -- Today, city leaders could make the first of several fee increases for municipal trash pickup. Public Works Director Branford Adumuah will ask the City Commission to increase the fee charged to new customers from $78 to $100, following the advice of consultant Public Resources Management Group.

Whether the commission will go along remains to be seen. City leaders have considered outsourcing trash pickup for years and are sitting on a proposal from Texas-based Inland Service Corp. to collect the city's garbage and hire the workers in the department.

Whether or not the city's garbage collection is outsourced, North Port residents are likely to see an increase from the $209 a year they now pay.

The consultant is also recommending the city increase its trash pickup fee to $300 a year, a 44 percent hike.

North Port's Solid Waste Division is $1.3 million in debt and will continue to lose money if rates do not go up.

"This is something we have to address. We've been fooling around with it for years," said Commissioner Barbara Gross.

According to Public Resources Management Group, business customers in North Port should receive an 80 percent rate increase because fees have not changed since 1995.

The company made a similar pitch in 2004 regarding rate increases, but the commission settled on a fee for houses $28 less than the recommendation.

North Port's trash department, which serves about 22,000 homes, has had its share of problems, culminating in missed collections for 3,500 houses on the Monday following the 2006 Super Bowl.

But the department, helped by new equipment and a significant pay increase for trash collectors, is turning things around, Adumuah said.

It has not missed a pickup day since the post-Super Bowl incident.

Still, at least one commissioner wants the city to get out of the trash pickup business.

"It's like pouring money down a rat hole as far as what we've got to offer," said Commissioner Richard Lockhart, noting that he will oppose any rate increase.

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