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02-21-2007, 05:59 AM
Fellow Officers, it is obvious that the FOP can not support or encourage us to botcott an event due to legal reasons. However, we are the FOP. It is with great pleasure that I say to all that we the Elite Officers of the Miami Police Department are going to stand together and take a firm stand to prove a point. Ladies and gentelmen of the Miami Police department, if by the end of this month we are without a contract, WE MUST boycott Calle Ocho...FACT: Several fellow police agencies have DECLINED the opportunity to sign up their officers for Calle Ocho. They plain out said, "We want to support you (The City Of Miami Police Officers) in your fight for a cantract, so we will not work Calle Ocho, if you boycott it." WOW, what a strong message that will send Diaz.... We will not only show that we are strong, but it will show that our neighboring agencies support us and are willing to lose money, to support us. We must unite and do something that will make a difference. We will call this event "Operation Difference at Ocho." Let's get the word out and a special thanks to those agencies showing us their support....

Miami Police Officer